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Family Friendly Destinations in the Czech Republic

To be honest, when we started planning our Eastern Europe trip we didn’t know much about the Czech Republic outside of Prague. Once we started to see what treasures could be found in the countryside, we were excited by what we found. The Czech Republic had lots of family friendly outdoor activities which we really enjoyed. 

Here are some of the top destinations in Czech Republic to consider for your next family getaway:

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Charles Bridge - Prague Family Friendly Walks

Prague is a must-see for any family visiting the Czech Republic. With architectural beauty around every corner, it’s a great city to explore on foot. For family fun, be sure to visit the following:

  • If you get there early enough in the day, your kids will love running unimpeded along the Charles Bridge while you admire the sculptures and city views.
  • Vysehrad is a fortified 10th century castle with a walk along the castle walls offering amazing views of the city. Your kids will love the wooden playground inspired by Czech legends.
  • Prague is blessed with many wonderful green spaces. Letna Park is close to the Old Town and offers amazing city views, playgrounds and a 75′ tall metronome! Petrin Park is near the Charles Bridge and features a mini Eiffel Tower observation deck. But Divoka Sarka was our favorite by far. A short tram ride from Old Town, Divoka Sarka is home to a beautiful walk through a river gorge – you won’t believe you are still in Prague!

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And for even more Prague Highlights

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov With Kids

Cesky Krumlov has all the charm of Prague rolled into a tiny little package. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Cesky Krumlov was untouched during both World Wars, so all of its original charm remains intact. 

The main attraction in town is the castle; your kids will likely find the museums within boring, but they will enjoy climbing the tower and the views of the town below. Be sure to check the nearby Minorite Monastary to see if the Interactive Exhibition of Human Skills is still on. Sounds terrible right? Despite the lame sounding name, this is a really fun stop for kids. In addition to a room full of medieval toys, kids can enjoy many hands on exhibits like making soap, trying on medieval clothing, stenciling, smelling spices and much more.

Divci Kamen Czech Republic with Kids

Cesky Krumlov is home to some fun outdoor activities as well. There’s a short hike to a chapel on a hill behind old town which rewards the effort with amazing views of town. Our favorite activity here was a short drive outside of town to Hrad Divci Kamen, the ruins of a 14th century castle. We had the place to ourselves and the kids loved running around exploring the ruins, climbing walls, etc. The kids loved it!

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Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary With Kids

Karlovy Vary is a popular spa town known for its thermal springs. Despite being a location which seems to attract the elderly, there is a lot of fun stuff for families to enjoy. The riverside walk is one of the nicest we’ve seen anywhere in the world – the buildings are beautiful and in immaculate shape. The walkway is primarily car-free, so your kids can enjoy running around being kids. Be sure to bring or buy a cup to sample to various mineral waters pouring from fountains along the route. Each fountain has slightly different water, some are hot, some are bubbly. It’s great fun to watch your kids faces react to the tastes (our kids thought they were all kinda yucky).

Hiking Karlovy Vary to Loket with kids

If your family likes to hike and isn’t afraid of a little distance, there is an incredibly beautiful riverside, forested walk to the nearby town of Loket, which also features a historic old town and castle. A one-way hike is 6-7.5 miles (10-12km) – we walked both ways for a family record 15 miles (24km) hike, but you can also take a bus or train back.

The Diana lookout is also a lot of fun. You can take a funicular up to the top, but if your family enjoys a beautiful forest walk, the hike to the top is a lot of fun. At the top, there is an observation tower, a zoo, a butterfly house and a playground.

We have an entire post full of all our best tips for hiking with kids and this one with all the best hiking gear for kids.

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Bohemian Switzerland National Park

View of Pravcicka Prana Bohemian Switzerland Czech Republic

The Bohemian Switzerland National Park is one of the Czech Republic’s crown jewels. An outdoor enthusiasts dream, Bohemian Switzerland is home to some great family friendly outdoor activities.

The Mary Prospect lookout is a short 3 mile (5km) hike to two lookout points showcasing the rock formations this region is known for. The Tisa Walls is a super fun outing for kids as they can explore, climb on and run around a park full of towering sandstone rock formations. Use your imagination to see the many shapes in the rocks, or buy a map for a full listing of the 75 rocks which look like stuff.

The hike to Pravcicka Brana was the primary reason for our visit to this region and it didn’t disappoint. This 12.4 mile (20km) hike goes through three primary sections: 1) A view of Europe’s largest natural stone formation 2) Gabriella’s Path walks below towering cliffs, while offering amazing vistas 3) A riverside walk through a gorge, with two man-powered boat rides in areas the gorge is too steep for the path to go. 

Bastei Bridge Saxon Switzerland in Germany with Kids

Bohemian Switzerland has a companion park in Germany called the Saxon Switzerland park. A quick drive or train ride allows you to visit the Bastei Bridge, a 250 foot (75m) long stone bridge which spans the tops of some of these towering rock formations. It’s not a full day activity, but it is worth an afternoon visit.

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Bohemian Paradise

Bohemian Paradise with Kids

Another beautiful protected area, the Bohemian Paradise is another fun place for families who love the outdoors.

The Prachov Rocks is a super fun outing for the kids, very similar to the Tisa Rocks. This is a walk through towering sandstone rock formations, which your kids will love to climb on and explore.

The Trosky Castle is the region’s most famous landmark. This ruined castle can be seen from virtually everywhere in the region and has two dramatic towers, each built on its own rocky outcrop. You can drive to the top of the hill where the castle is, but we recommend a walk from a nearby town like Ktova. The views you will get of the castle will make the effort worth it. You’ll need a hiking map or app to help you find the pathways as they are not well marked.

Hiking from Hruba Skala to Valdstejn Castle Bohemian Paradise With Kids

And finally, the 5 mile (8km) hike from Hruba Skala to Valdstejn Castle and back showcases the many natural wonders of this region. A beautiful walk through a forest offers views of the rock formations and surrounding countryside, while the intact castle is open for tours.

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We were blown away by how beautiful the countryside was in the areas of the Czech Republic we visited. In fact, we thought it was on-par with the scenery in Tuscany (albeit it was missing the wine). We found fun, outdoor family activities each and every day of our 18 days here. We hope you will take the time to venture beyond Prague to enjoy some of the most beautiful countryside we’ve seen.

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We are grateful to Prague City Tourism and Cesky Krumlov for their generosity during our visits. All opinions are our own.

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