11 Things to do on the Isle of Skye with Kids

image of landscape on Brother's Point walk on Isle of Skye Scotland. Includes grass covered hills next to the ocean.

When planning our family vacation to Scotland, the Isle of Skye was at the very top of our list of places to see. With just over 3 weeks to see Scotland with kids, we knew we wanted to spend a big chunk of it exploring as much of the Isle of Skye with kids as possible.

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5 Easy Walks in Budapest

Budapest Family Friendly Walks

We love to explore the great cities of Europe on foot. Walking is a wonderful way to experience all that makes a city great, and Budapest is no exception. With these five easy walks in Budapest, you can smell the food, hear the locals chatting in a sidewalk café, enjoy the architecture and the beautiful green spaces. 

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The Korcula to Kocje Hike

Korcula Hiking with Kids to Kocje Korcula

After the amazing hiking we did on Hvar with kids, we knew we wanted to try more hiking in Croatia. We got the opportunity to do an amazing Korcula hike during our two days in Korcula with kids. In fact, the Korcula to Kocje hike was some of the best hiking on our entire family trip to Croatia!

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Ireland with Kids – Road Trip Itinerary

image of cliffs of moher ireland

The land of leprechauns, four leaf clovers and rainbows, you’ll never forget a family trip to Ireland. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any leprechauns or four leaf clovers and by the end of our 3 week road trip around Ireland with kids, we had only seen one rainbow. While we expected the first two, the third one was a bit of a surprise, but regardless, we still found visiting Ireland with kids to be a phenomenal experience.

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Italy Itinerary with Kids

Get to the Trevi Fountain with kids early for a chance at a good family photo

Offering cultural heavyweights like Rome, Florence and Pisa, and the incredible natural beauty of Cinque Terre and the Island of Elba, deciding on a family trip to Italy was an easy choice!

Below, we share our Italy itinerary with kids. We were fortunate enough to spend one month in Italy with our kids, but we also share our insights on a 14-day Italy itinerary with kids as well as a 10-day Italy itinerary with kids.

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Seville with Kids

Seville what to do with kids

Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, and perhaps all of Europe. With multiple UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit (like the Seville Cathedral and the Real Alcazar) and an abundance of fun things to do with kids in Seville, you have all the necessary ingredients for an excellent family vacation.

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Croatia with Kids

Hiking Plitvice Lakes with kids

If you are looking for one of the best places for a family trip in Europe, you should consider traveling to Croatia with kids. With a fascinating history, beautiful landscape and incredible beaches along the Dalmatian coastline, there are few destinations in Europe better for a family vacation than Croatia.

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Scotland with Kids – Road Trip Itinerary

image of highland cow in Scotland with Kids

Like most other people, we’ve got a long list of places we want to go on family vacations and, in all truthfulness, we add to it faster than we cross places off. A family trip to Scotland had been on our family travel bucket list for a very long time and especially the Isle of Skye. With a summer off to travel after our daughter’s first school year, we knew this would be the perfect time to travel to Scotland with kids.

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