5 Great Destinations for the Czech Republic with Kids

Hiking from Hruba Skala to Valdstejn Castle Bohemian Paradise With Kids

To be honest, when we started planning our Eastern Europe family trip we didn’t know much about the Czech Republic (officially known as “Czechia“) outside of Prague. Once we started to see what treasures could be found in the countryside, we were excited by what we found. With so many amazing outdoor activities, we couldn’t wait for our family trip to the Czech Republic with kids.

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Hiking from Karlovy Vary to Loket

Hiking Karlovy Vary to Loket with kids

The primary reason we decided to visit Karlovy Vary with kids wasn’t its famous colonnades or hot springs, it was to do the hike from Karlovy Vary to Loket. There wasn’t a ton of information about this hike online, but what we did see looked awesome. A riverside hike between two of the most beautiful Czech Republic towns? Yes, please!

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Slovenia with Kids

an 8-year old boy enjoys views of Assumption of Maria Church from the Bled Castle.

Exploring Slovenia with kids is an adventure into a green, family-friendly mountain playground. This European gem offers a mix of outdoor fun and cultural discovery, from the magical Lake Bled to the historic streets of Ljubljana. Slovenia’s compact size is perfect for family travel, allowing easy transitions from urban exploration to nature escapades.

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Austria with Kids

Traveling to Austria with kids unlocks a magical world of enchanting mountain landscapes, rich cultural experiences, and endless adventure. We chose a family vacation to Austria as it offers a blend of city exploration and natural wonder, from Vienna’s imperial splendor to the captivating Austrian Alps.

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Vienna with Kids

a 10-year old girl from the Family Can Travel blog poses with an elephant sculpture outside the Kunsthistorisches Museum while on a family vacation to Vienna, Austria.

We have traveled extensively throughout Europe with our kids and have seen a lot of beautiful cities along the way. Vienna, the capital of Austria, is among the most beautiful cities we have seen in Europe and is an amazing place for a family vacation.

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2 Days in Hallstatt with Kids

an 8-year old and a 10-year old pose for a picture while on a family vacation to Hallstatt, Austria.

Ever since I laid eyes on the iconic image of Hallstatt, Austria I’ve wanted to visit this beautiful lakeside town. The image of the stately waterfront church with the Austrian Alps as a backdrop is breathtaking, and has made Hallstatt famous. When we planned our family trip to Austria, a visit to Hallstatt with kids was a must.

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2 Days in Salzburg with Kids

An 8-year old boy has fun with a statue in the Dwarf Garden at the Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg, Austria.

Salzburg, the famous birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is a beautiful Austrian city. With a charming Old Town and magnificent mountains of the Austrian Alps ever-present in the distance, there is beauty everywhere in Salzburg.

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