Best Things to do in Scotland with Kids

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Scotland has some of the most beautiful scenery we’ve ever seen. We were lucky to spend 3 weeks in the summer for our holiday in Scotland with kids. When we travel with our kids, we tend to spend as much time outside in nature being active as possible, so we knew that Scotland would be right up our alley. But it wasn’t all hiking and some of the hikes we did were so much fun for the kids.

image of two kids on fairy pools walk on Isle of Skye

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Top Things to do with Kids in Scotland

Here are the Top 10 Things to do in Scotland for kids. We are confident that our kids would agree that these were the attractions in Scotland they enjoyed most.

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Old Man of Storr Hike on the Isle of Skye

image of old man of storr on isle of skye in scotland

Parents will love this hike for the incredible views, but kids will love it for the rocks they get to climb. Our kids love to climb rocks and we are pretty sure they are typical kids when it comes to climbing.

The Old Man of Storr hike on the Isle of Skye is one of the most popular hikes, so we recommend doing this at the start of the day. If your kids are anything like ours, they’ll have you up early anyways.

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Fairy Glen on the Isle of Skye

image of two kids at the Fairy Glen on Isle of Skye

What kid wouldn’t love being let loose to run through these magical hills only to end up at a fun spiral or climb to the top of Castle Ewan.

Check out our video on YouTube on the Fairy Glen with kids! And subscribe to our channel while you are there!

That’s exactly what our kids did. We got to the top of the first hill and they took off. Thankfully we were able to see them for a long while. Even on a rain day, we could tell this was a magical place. It was definitely one of the best places to go with kids in Scotland and on the Isle of Skye.

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Conic Hill in Loch Lomond

image of girl taking picture with a phone at the top of conic hill which is one of the best Loch Lomond walks to do with kids

We’ll be perfectly honest, the kids might not have chosen Conic Hill as one of the top things to do in Scotland with kids but we still think it should be included. It’s such a family friendly hike and the views are more than worth it!

Conic Hill was our first hike in Scotland and we were blown away by the views!

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Harry Potter Train from Fort William to Mallaig

image of Hogwarts Express Cross the Glenfinnan Viaduct

What kid doesn’t love trains? Whether they are old enough to know about Harry Potter or not, they will still love riding the train. If you are like us and find the Jacobite to be sold out, you can find the best alternatives in our post on Fort William with kids.

image of Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland

We also took the opportunity to show our kids a clip of the train and the bridge from the Harry Potter movie, so they were pretty excited to see it in real life when we returned to watch the Hogwarts Express cross the Harry Potter bridge a few days later.

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Hermitage Woodland Walk in Tay Forest Park

image of kids in the hermitage in Tay Forest Park Scotland

What a fun surprise it was to hike the Hermitage Woodland Walk in Tay Forest Park just outside of Pitlochry. We broke up our trip from the Isle of Skye to Edinburgh with a couple of nights in Pitlochry. After all the hiking we did on the Isle of Skye, we took the opportunity to relax but snuck in this one short hike.

The kids had so much fun running in the forest looking for new discoveries at every turn, they hardly knew they were on a hike. They especially love the wishing trees and the hermitage.

We have an entire post full of all our best tips for hiking with kids and this one with all the best hiking gear for kids.

image of kids looking at coins pushed into a large log in Tay Forest Park

Riverside Museum in Glasgow

image of kids cleaning the floor of the Glenlee Tall Ship at Riverside Museum in Glasgow Scotland

I couldn’t imagine a more fun way to start our Scotland Itinerary than a stop at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow. Just keeping up with the kids through this museum was hard enough!

We’d guess their favorite parts were the Tall Ship and the beach outside.

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National Museum of Scotland Edinburgh

image of girl playing with train in National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh

One of the best museums we’ve been to with kids! Granted we don’t always make museums a priority since we’d rather be out hiking, but we even went to the National Museum of Scotland a second time. That should be enough to say how much our kids enjoyed this Scotland attraction for kids.

Edinburgh Castle

image of kids walking around Edinburgh Castle

Though crowded (who’d expect anything less in Scotland in the summer) our kids enthusiasm for exploring the Edinburgh Castle could not be dampened. They loved running around checking out every building and room they could get into, not to mention the cannons.

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The Waterfall Hike in the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park

image of two kids in rain jackets running on wooden boardwalk in Queen Elizabeth Forest Park Scotland

If ever there was a hike made just for kids, it’s this one. We’re pretty sure they didn’t even notice the waterfall on this trail. The entire trail is full of information on the forest with fun activities for the kids at each turn. This interpretive trail in the Trossachs National Park is definitely worth a stop with kids.

And if you are feeling tired of all the hiking, just take a break on the hammocks.

image of kids playing in hammocks along the interactive waterfall trail in Queen Elizabeth Forest Park

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The Whangie

image of man walking along the huge rocks of the Whangie in Scotland

Though not technically part of the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park, we had to include this fun hike. The hike starts out simply enough working it’s way up the side of Auchineden Hill, but then you turn the corner and there it is. The Whangie. Our kids literally took off sprinting when they saw this area full of rocks they could climb.

The hike continues up the summit of Auchineden hill, where the kids could run wild. Truly a great family hike in Scotland.

image of boy and girl hiking the grassy hills in Scotland

To make it even better, adults will appreciate the views of the Scottish Highlands all along this hike.

Pairing this up with the Devil’s Pulpit made for the perfect day.

image of people standing in water in narrow canyon with rock walls covered in green moss

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image of hiking with kids at Fairy Pools on Isle of Skye with text overlay of Top 10 Things to do in Scotland with Kids
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