Bohemian Paradise Hiking with Kids

Bohemian Paradise Hiking with Kids

The Bohemian Paradise (also known as Czech Paradise or Cesky Raj) is a beautiful protected area in the Czech Republic. Bohemian Paradise is known for its sandstone rock formations and the twin towers of the Trosky Castle, perched dramatically up high on two basalt volcanic plugs. It’s a reasonably small area in Bohemia, but there are plenty of activities for the family and some of the best hiking in the Czech Republic.

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6 Family Friendly Walks in Prague

Charles Bridge in Prague With Kids

Prague is a wonderful place to travel with your family. Not only does it have amazing history, it also has plenty of green space and a beautiful, tranquil river winding through the historic town center. If you are like us, we like to balance out our Prague sightseeing with a little outdoor exercise and play time with the kids.

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Hiking the Pravcicka Brana to the Wild Gorge Loop

Bohemian Switzerland With Kids

If you love impressive natural monuments, looming cliffs, sweeping vistas, deep forests and lazy boat rides through beautiful gorges, then we have the hike for you. A loop starting and ending in Hrensko, this 12.5 mile (20km) hike in Bohemian Switzerland provides some of the best scenery the Czech Republic has to offer, including a visit to the largest natural stone bridge in Europe. Including the short boat rides, we hiked the full loop in just over 6 hours. 

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2 Active Days in Cesky Krumlov with Kids

Cesky Krumlov With Kids

Český Krumlov is famous for its UNESCO World Heritage listed Old Town, which remains in pristine condition after being left unharmed through the two World Wars. There is so much culture and history here; they have an amazing castle, a charming town square and great museums. But is it a good place to bring kids? We had a great time in Cesky Krumlov with our children, aged 2 & 4, by finding a good balance of activities that everyone could enjoy.

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6 Days in Prague with Children

Prague With Kids

Prague’s charm and beauty grabs you from the moment you arrive. It’s a city blessed with a long interesting history with many attractions which help tell the story. Is all this history going to be boring for small kids? It doesn’t have to be… Prague is a very family friendly city and there are many ways to tailor your itinerary to ensure everyone in your family has a great time.

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