5 Easy Bohemian Paradise Hiking Trails

Bohemian Paradise Hiking with Kids

The Bohemian Paradise (also known as “Czech Paradise” or “Cesky Raj“) is a beautiful protected area in the Czech Republic. Bohemian Paradise is known for its sandstone rock formations and the twin towers of the Trosky Castle, perched dramatically up high on two basalt volcanic plugs. We chose to visit this beautiful area of the Czech Republic with our kids as there are so many fun & scenic easy Bohemian Paradise hiking trails.

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6 Kid-Friendly Bohemian Switzerland Hiking Trails

Hiking Bohemian Switzerland National Park with Kids

We love hiking and sharing our appreciation of nature with our kids. We were so excited when we discovered Bohemian Switzerland National Park (České Švýcarsko), the Czech Republic’s newest national park. During our family visit to this beautiful region, we enjoyed many excellent kid-friendly Bohemian Switzerland hiking trails.

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4 Fun Things to do in Karlovy Vary with Kids

Karlovy Vary With Kids

Karlovy Vary is a popular spa town found in western Czech Republic. Also known as Karlowe Wary or Karlsbad, this scenic town is home to many thermal spas and mineral springs. Despite being a resort town known for relaxation, there are many fun things to do in Karlovy Vary with kids.

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The Wild Gorge Hike (Via Pravcicka Brana)

Bohemian Switzerland With Kids

If you love impressive natural monuments, looming cliffs, sweeping vistas, deep forests and lazy boat rides through beautiful gorges, then we have an amazing hike for you. The Wild Gorge hike in Bohemian Switzerland provides some of the best scenery the Czech Republic has to offer.

The 20 km (12.5 mile) Wild Gorge hike includes a visit to Pravcicka Brana, which is the largest natural stone bridge in Europe. Including the short, but amazing boat rides, we hiked the full Wild Gorge hike with our kids in just over 6 hours. 

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6 Days in Prague with Kids

Prague With Kids

Exploring Prague with kids is like stepping into a storybook that’s as fun for them as it is for you. Prague isn’t just beautiful; it’s a treasure trove of history that can captivate any age. The capital of the Czech Republic (officially known as “Czechia”) is an incredibly family-friendly destination, with plenty of things to do to make your visit enjoyable for everyone. Below we share our 6 day Prague itinerary with kids to help you plan the best Prague family vacation possible.

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6 Easy Walks in Prague

Charles Bridge in Prague With Kids

We recently spent 6 days in Prague with kids and discovered it is a wonderful place to travel with your family. Not only does Prague have an amazing history, it also has plenty of green space and a beautiful, tranquil river winding through the historic town center. If you are like us, we like to balance out our Prague sightseeing with a little outdoor exercise and play time with the kids.

Walking around Prague turned out to be one of our favorite things to do on our family trip. Here are some the best easy walks in Prague that we really enjoyed as a family during our family vacation.

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5 Great Destinations for the Czech Republic with Kids

Hiking from Hruba Skala to Valdstejn Castle Bohemian Paradise With Kids

To be honest, when we started planning our Eastern Europe family trip we didn’t know much about the Czech Republic (officially known as “Czechia“) outside of Prague. Once we started to see what treasures could be found in the countryside, we were excited by what we found. With so many amazing outdoor activities, we couldn’t wait for our family trip to the Czech Republic with kids.

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Hiking from Karlovy Vary to Loket

Hiking Karlovy Vary to Loket with kids

The primary reason we decided to visit Karlovy Vary with kids wasn’t its famous colonnades or hot springs, it was to do the hike from Karlovy Vary to Loket. There wasn’t a ton of information about this hike online, but what we did see looked awesome. A riverside hike between two of the most beautiful Czech Republic towns? Yes, please!

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