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Hello, we are Celine and Dan Brewer and we are the proud owners of Inspiring Travels Publishing Inc. Together we operate two family-focused travel blogs:

Baby Can Travel - Because life foesn't end after having a baby
Family Can Travel - Inspiration and Advice for Active Family Travel

We inspire families to travel with their children and then give them the information and tools they need to have amazing travel experiences. We achieve this by sharing our own family travel experiences and via trusted partnerships.


Earning the trust of our readers and partners is very important to us. We abide by all rules and guidelines which govern our industry, including but not limited to the FTC, “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” and Google’s Quality Guidelines. We fully disclose all commercial relationships and give our honest opinions about our experiences with the products, places and services we promote.


If you share the same set of values, we’d love to discuss working with you!

Our partners

what we can do for you

We are creative people who love to come up with win-win solutions for our partners. The following are our standard offerings, but if you have any alternate ideas, we'd love to help make them work!

Full Product Review – With Blog Post, Instagram and Facebook

Most popular


Do you have a product our travelling families will love? Send us one and we'll take it for a test run. Once we have had enough experience with it, we will write up a blog post detailing our experience and honest opinions. In addition, we will promote your product on our Instagram feed, publish an Instagram story and post it on our Facebook page. We also offer an option to include a YouTube video review!

Social Media Product Promotion

Most cost effective


Don't need a full blog post? No worries, we'd love to promote your product on Instagram and Facebook. Same as above, send us a sample and we'll kick the tires for a while so we can give our audience the information they need about your product.

Product Giveaway – Basic

Easily reach our audience of travelling moms


Our audience loves a good giveaway! If you'd like to create some hype for your product, we can help! In the Basic Giveaway package, we will promote your product giveaway within our own social media channels, our email list and within our private Facebook group. If you'd like, we can also help grow your email list and social media following as a condition of entry. This is an effective way to promote your product to a large group of families who love to travel.

Product Giveaway - Viral

More bang for your buck


Want to take your giveaway a step further? In the Viral Giveaway package, we do all the same great stuff as the Basic Package, but we kick it up a notch by utilizing specialized giveaway platforms which help your giveaway go viral by encouraging our audience to share with their network of friends!

Website Advertising

Most flexible


From in-page advertising to sponsored posts, we have solutions for all your advertising needs. Pitch us your idea or ask us to come up with a solution which meets your needs.

Press Trips and Campaigns

Most effective


The vast majority of our content is organically created from our family travels. We love to travel and it shows. Do you have a destination you'd like us to promote? Send us the details, we'd love to talk to you about it!

Want to Take the Next Step?

We know that you'll need more information before proceeding. If you are interested in doing business with us, please send us a note detailing your idea and we'll send you a Media Kit and Pricing Sheet right away.


We look forward to doing business with you!