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Epic Reading App Review

We have been using the Epic Reading app for nearly three years now. It began with a free trial for this review, but we loved it so much, we renewed Epic books for two more years with our own money.

Our daughter just started Grade 2. Her teacher indicated that her reading skills are very advanced for her age. There are a lot of variables which led to her advanced reading skills, but we feel the Epic reading app played a big role.

A child enjoying the Epic Reading App on a train

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Finding Children’s Books Online

Our kids have always loved having stories read to them. This was a problem for us when we traveled as we couldn’t pack enough books to keep them happy. The size and weight of the books limited the number of books we could bring on our travels.

Our kids are used to having a large selection of books at home, so they’d quickly get bored with the same titles over-and-over. We wished there was a way to get children’s books online…

The Epic reading app has 40,000 children's books online

Then one cold February afternoon, I was drinking my morning coffee and randomly opened the App Store on the iPad. The featured app of the day was Epic Books for Kids.

The feature picture showcased a bunch of children’s books, so I eagerly clicked it to see what the Epic reading app was all about. I rarely get excited about apps, but it didn’t take me long to get excited about Epic books online.

Benefits of the Epic Reading App

Epic for kids was a game changer for us, both at home and while we travel. Here’s why:

Epic books for kids is an online digital library with over 40,000 online books for kids. For $7.99 USD (or less) a month, up to four kids can enjoy unlimited access to all of these online books.

The Epic app has many formats of online books: traditional read yourself books, read-to-me books, audio books and educational videos too.

The Epic reading books app is an excellent way to improve reading skills in children

I instantly knew this library of online children’s books was going to be a huge benefit for us when we traveled. Not only would this allow us to leave all the old, heavy paper books at home, but a virtually limitless supply of online children’s books would solve the problem of the kids getting bored of reading the same old paper books over-and-over.

We have been using the Epic books app for nearly three years now. Our original vision was to use the Epic digital library on our trips, but it has become an important part of our library of children’s books at home too.

What we like about the Epic Books App:

Epic Books for Kids App For Travel

We have taken the Epic! books app with us on over 100 days of travel now and as suspected, Epic! is a great way to access a library of online children’s books while traveling!

Using the Epic Books App for Travel Days

We love using the Epic reading app to entertain our kids for long parts of our flights and train rides. The Read To Me books are especially good for flights as your children can sit and use airplane-friendly headphones and listen to the narrator read the online stories to them.

Epic’s library of Read To Me books are an excellent alternative to cartoons. The headphones ensure that the children’s stories do not disturb other passengers.

You don’t need to buy wi-fi on your flight, just be sure to download your favorite Epic books for offline use prior to the flight.

You can download stories on the Epic Reading App making it excellent inflight entertainment for kids
Reading a Pinkalicious story on a overnight flight to Prague
Can a toddler use the Epic reading app?
Our toddler browsing the Epic books for kids library on a train ride

The Epic Books App for Bedtime

Before the Epic reading app, the kids would be bored after a few nights as we’d already read all the titles we brought with us several times over.

We never have this problem with the Epic reading app. The kids love the virtually limitless supply of online children’s books to read at bedtime.

Watching a video of Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site at bedtime on the Epic Reading App
The kids love the Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site Video

A Surprise Bonus to the Epic Reading App

Another huge benefit that the Epic digital library gives the kids is the ability to bring extra toys on our trips. The room in our luggage that we used to use for packing paper copies of their favorite children’s book can now be filled with extra travel toys.

Not only do the extra travel toys make the kids happier, but the large selection of online children’s books makes them very happy too. This is a huge win-win!

Using Epic Books for Kids At Home

We don’t just use the Epic reading app while traveling; we also use it a lot at home. In fact, we find the Read To Me books are a great alternative to entertaining the kids with Netflix cartoons.

When she was 4, our daughter was 4, she was old enough to know how to use the Epic! app to open new Read To Me titles after she finished each one. Our kids use use Epic books to listen to story-after-story with the same attention as if they were watching Paw Patrol.

Get children's books online with the Epic Books for Kids app

We are so grateful we discovered the Epic reading app! The kids have used Epic to read Epic to read over 1,000 online children’s books in the time we have used it. That is truly amazing!

The greatest thing about the Epic reading app is that the kids have no idea they are learning or developing language skills – they just think they are getting iPad time. The Epic reading app a must-have app for all parents with kids under 12.

Epic Books For Kids offers a free 30 day trial, which I strongly encourage you to take advantage of. Worst case scenario, your kids get to read a ton of new online children’s books in the 30-day free trial. Best case, you’ll be hearing from your kid’s teacher about their excellent reading skills (as we did). Music to any parent’s ears!

A family vacation is an excellent time to try the Epic reading app for free! Starting your free trial a few days before your trip and download some titles for offline use on the plane. Get to know the Epic reading app while you are away and then simply cancel when you get home from your trip.

Thousands of high quality titles.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial of the Epic Reading App for Kids today!

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