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Epic! provided us with a complimentary trial for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.

Our kids love reading books, so naturally we own a lot of children’s books. Our kids (aged 3 & 5) are too young to read to themselves, but we don’t mind as reading stories to them is always one of the highlights of our day.

As professional travelers, one issue we struggle with is the size and weight of the children’s books we need to bring on our trips. Our kids are used to having a large selection of books, so they get bored with the same titles quickly, requiring us to bring a lot of books. We like to support their love of reading, so we didn’t mind lugging the books along, but we also like to travel as light as possible, so we wished there was a better solution.

Then one cold February afternoon, I was drinking my morning coffee and randomly opened the App Store on the iPad. The featured app of the day was Epic!. The feature picture showcased a bunch of children’s books, so I eagerly clicked it to see what the app was all about. I rarely get excited about apps, but it didn’t take me long to get excited about this one. This was going to be a game changer for us, both at home and while we travel. Here’s why:

Epic! is an online digital library with over 25,000 kids books. For $7.99 USD (or less) a month, up to four kids can enjoy unlimited access to all of these books. Epic! has traditional books, read-to-me books, audio books and educational videos too.

Epic Digital Library for Travel in Hotel Room

I instantly knew this was going to be a huge benefit for us when we traveled. Not only would this allow us to leave all the old, heavy paper books at home, but it would also eliminate the problem of the kids getting bored of reading the same old paper books over-and-over.

We have been using Epic! for 8 months now. Our original vision was to use the app on our trips, but it has become a mainstay in our kid’s reading rotation at home too.

What we like about Epic!:

For Travel

We have taken Epic! with us on over 80 days of travel now and as suspected, Epic! is great for travel!

Travel days: We use it to entertain the kids for long parts of our flights and train rides. The Read To Me books are especially good for flights as your children can sit and listen to stories without disturbing other passengers (just be sure to download your favorite titles for offline use prior to the flight).

Reading some Pinkalicious on a nighttime flight to Prague
Epic Digital Library for Travel on train
Browsing the library on a train ride

Bedtime: Before Epic!, the kids would be bored after a few nights as we’d already read all the titles we brought with us several times over. Not with Epic!. The kids love the virtually limitless supply of titles to read at bedtime.

The Kids loved the Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site Video

Extra toys: Another benefit for the kids is that the room they used to use in their little daybags for books can now be filled with extra travel toys. Win-win!

For Home

We don’t just use Epic! while traveling; we also use it a lot at home. In fact, we find the Read To Me books are a great alternative to plunking the kids in front of Netflix. Our kids will listen to story after story with the same attention as if they were watching Paw Patrol. When she was 4, our daughter was old enough to know how to use the app to open new Read To Me titles after she finished each one.

Epic Digital Library for Travel with kids

We are so grateful we discovered Epic! I’m just taking a look at the in-app reading stats and I’m amazed to see our kids have read over 500 books in just over 8 months! The greatest thing is that the kids have no idea they are learning or developing language skills – they just think they are getting iPad time. This is a must-have app for all parents with kids under 12.

Epic! offers a free 30 day trial, which makes a family trip a great time to try Epic!. We suggest starting your trial a few days before your trip, try it while you are away and then simply cancel when you get home it if you are not satisfied. Be prepared for your kids to love it though!

Thousands of high quality titles.

Start your free trial today!

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