Travel Italy by Train with Kids

Traveling through Italy by train with kids is easy and fun

Traveling by train with kids is one of the best ways to get around Italy. It’s so much more relaxing than renting a car and the Italian scenery is spectacular. Don’t be shy taking the train in Italy with kids – Italians LOVE kids and yours will be made to feel welcome on every journey.

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Italy Itinerary With Kids

Our professional photos of our family vacation to Rome Italy are some of our prized posessions - photo by Jake and Dannie

Once we decided to become full-time family travel bloggers, we sat down with our bucket list of destinations to decide where to travel with our kids first. We were looking for a mix of world-class culture with excellent outdoor recreation options, such as hiking and biking.

Offering cultural heavyweights like Rome, Florence and Pisa, and the incredible natural beauty of Cinque Terre and the Island of Elba, Italy was an excellent choice for our family vacation.

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Climbing the stairs to the top of Torre della Ore was one of our top things to do in Lucca for kids

Lucca, Italy is known for its massive, well-preserved city walls which surround a historic Old Town, lined with charming cobblestone streets. Although it can be visited in a day, if you are visiting Lucca with kids, we recommend spending a night or two to give you one full day in Lucca.


Visiting Pisa with Kids

A Pisa playground next to the Pisa Aqueduct is a great thing to do in Pisa for the whole family

During our month-long family vacation to Italy, we knew we had to visit Pisa to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa with our kids. After some research, we determined the limited number of additional things to do in Pisa with kids made a daytrip to Pisa ideal for our family.

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Bohemian Paradise Hiking with Kids

Bohemian Paradise Hiking with Kids

The Bohemian Paradise (also known as Czech Paradise or Cesky Raj) is a beautiful protected area in the Czech Republic. Bohemian Paradise is known for its sandstone rock formations and the twin towers of the Trosky Castle, perched dramatically up high on two basalt volcanic plugs. It’s a reasonably small area in Bohemia, but there are plenty of activities for the family and some of the best hiking in the Czech Republic.

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