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We try to inspire our kids to love nature. Everywhere we travel with our kids we look for opportunities to take them outdoors to see how beautiful the world and all its creatures are. While in the Mayan Riviera we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to visit Xcaret with our kids (aged 2 & 4). We knew they would love a visit to this beautiful oceanfront nature & cultural theme park. 

We had so much fun at Xcaret Park with our kids. On a normal vacation day with our kids, they start dragging their heels around lunch time and our toddler is ready for a nap. Not at Xcaret though…

During our visit to Xcaret, our kids were were full steam ahead all day, never showing signs of boredom or being tired. Of course, they both crashed in the car minutes after we got on the highway!

A toddler pretends to hatch from a giant egg at the Xcaret Aviary exhibit

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Thank you to Xcaret for hosting us on our visit. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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Things to Do at Xcaret For Kids

To help you plan your day at Xcaret Nature Park with your kids, here are the fun activities we did during our family visit:

Xcaret Parrots

Immediately upon entering Xcaret Park, our kids were greeted by some beautiful parrots. This made them so excited and set the tone for the rest of the visit.

If you are wondering if you should visit Xcaret with your kids, just look at the excitement on our daughter’s face… You can expect that from your kids all day long.

These colorful Xcaret birds made our daughter smile

Exploring the Xcaret Caves

We began our visit to Xcaret with kids by heading towards the cluster of animal exhibits on the White Pathway (Ruta Pueblo Maya). Getting there was a fun adventure in-of-itself!

First we ran through the Caves to the Mayan Village. Yes, we literally ran through it – the kids were so excited they were bursting with energy. Thankfully we arrived at Xcaret Park right at the opening time of 8:30 and it was empty enough that they could run wild without issue.  

Xcaret Cemetery and Mayan Village

The Xcaret caves lead you to the beautiful Mexican Cemetery, located atop a circular hill with colorful tombstones. Our daughter really enjoyed walking around the pathways looking at all the brightly colored tombstones. I could tell she was interested in the Xcaret cemetery as she actually slowed down to look and ask questions along the way.

Our kids really enjoyed the colorful, interesting Xcaret cemetary

The Mexican cemetery leads to a beautiful reproduction of a Mayan village. As beautiful as it was, we didn’t stop at the Mayan village for long, as the kids were too excited to see the Xcaret birds, but we were impressed by what we saw.

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See the Birds at the Xcaret Aviary

The Xcaret Aviary was our first nature stop of the day. This is a truly beautiful complex holding an impressive number of birds and species. It is surprisingly big and it took us a long time to make our way through it all.

The Xcaret Aviary is many stories high, with the trail spiraling downwards along the edge. The aviary features a towering waterfall, which makes the whole place feel like a tropical paradise.

The kids enjoyed walking along the suspension bridge at the top and seeing the tropical birds stopping at the feeders along the way.

Even though the parrots and toucans were more colorful, our kids favorite Xcaret birds were the pelicans

And of course, the kids loved the very colorful Xcaret birds. There were so many brightly colored parrots, smaller tropical birds, ducks etc., but it was the pelicans they loved best. 

The colorful birds in the aviary was a highlight of our day at xcaret with kids

Butterfly Pavilion

Next up was the Xcaret Butterfly Pavilion, which is an equally impressive enclosure.

Your journey through the Butterfly Pavilion begins with a display featuring a series of small trees. Each subsequent tree shows the gradual transformation from caterpillar to butterfly a little further until the transformation is done.

This introductory display at the Butterfly Pavilion is very cool and really helps kids understand the butterfly transformation process.

Kids will love seeing the stages of butterfly transformation at the Xcaret butterfly exhibit

The intimate encounters with many beautiful butterflies was so unique and fun, it was definitely one of our kids favorite things to do at Xcaret.

Getting to see so many beautiful, colorful butterflies flying all around and up close was so exciting for them. We had to watch our very excited toddler and preschooler closely to make sure they didn’t touch any butterflies (they didn’t).

A child watches a butterfly eat fruit at the Xcaret Butterfly Pavilion

We were happy to see lots of Blue Morpho butterflies flying around as it brought back amazing memories of a pre-children trip to the Amazon jungle. If you haven’t seen a Blue Morpho butterfly yet, be sure to visit the Xcaret butterfly pavilion as you simply won’t believe the bright iridescent blue color.

A chance to see butterflies up close is another fun thing to do at Xcaret Park with kids

Mexico Family Vacation idea: If your kids love butterflies and you love family trips to Mexico, check out Valle de Bravo. Every winter millions of Monarch butterflies migrate from Canada to Mexico and congregate in protected areas nearby. Seeing the butterflies here was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in nature. Best of all, Valle de Bravo is an easy side trip from Mexico City.

Clusters of Butterflies in Piedra Herrada Sanctuary Valle de Bravo Mexico
Piedra Herrada Butterfly Sanctuary in Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Jaguar Island

Our next must-see Xcaret attraction for the kids was the sea turtles. On our way to the turtles we stopped at the Xcaret Jaguar Island exhibit. We were lucky enough to see the jaguar awake and walking around his little island. What a beautiful creature!

xcaret park exhibits jaguar island
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Bat Cave

Next we descended some stairs into the Xcaret Park Bat Cave, but all the bats were gone. This happens with nature sometimes – no big deal!

While in the bat cave, we got to see a glimpse of the Xcaret underground river, which made the kids excited for what was to come. 

Manatee Pool

Next up was the Manatees. This large pool contained several manatees, including a super-cute baby manatee!

The Xcaret manatees were eating lettuce at the time, so we were lucky they were quite active, sticking their noses out of the water quite a bit. It’s easy to get a feel for how big the graceful manatees really are!

A chance to see the huge manatees up close will be a fun activity at Xcaret for kids

Xcaret Sea Turtle Exhibit

It’s safe to say that the Sea Turtle attraction was our kids favorite thing to do at Xcaret. Our daughter actually asked, “Can we watch the sea turtles forever?” 

Our kids favorite thing to do at Xcaret was watching the sea turtles

The Xcaret Sea Turtle exhibit features a big open pool of crystal clear water with an amazing number of huge sea turtles. There were so many sea turtles, it seemed like there was always at least one really close to us.

Watching the Xcaret turtles was our kids favorite thing to do at the ecopark

The kids were captivated – they sat still and watched the sea turtles for a long time. There are no guard rails, so watch your kids closely.

After a long time watching the sea turtles the big pool, we were happy to find a series of smaller pools filled with insanely cute baby turtles.

When visiting Xcaret with kids, don't miss the baby sea turtles

See the Fish at the Xcaret Aquarium

The kids loved the Aquarium at Xcaret, which features an impressive amount of local tropical fish.

Two kids watch a scuba diver in a tank at the Xcaret Aquarium

Aquariums are always one of our kids favorite things to do while traveling. They get super excited and they literally run from tank-to-tank, so we typically don’t really get to see anything for very long.

When visiting Xcaret with kids, swing by the aquarium to touch the starfish

There was one exhibit at the Xcaret Aquarium which stopped our kids dead in their tracks – the two jellyfish tanks. Our kids stopped and watched these mesmerizing sea creatures for quite a while, especially our toddler.

A toddler quietly watches glowing jellyfish at the Xcaret Aquarium

Strange Wildlife at Xcaret

On our way to lunch we stopped and looked at the Tapir – a large pig-like animal, closely related to horses. Tapir’s are pretty weird and are worth a quick look. We had an action packed morning at Xcaret with our kids and we were all pretty hungry, so we didn’t stay long.

A Kid-Friendly Xcaret Restaurant

For lunch, we walked back to the Xcaret main entrance to have lunch at the kid-friendly La Orquídea Restaurant. We were super excited to see they were still serving breakfast. The breakfast buffet included unlimited coffee and fresh fruit juice. The coffee is always so good in Mexico and the kids really liked the fresh strawberry juice! 

The breakfast buffet at La Orquídea Restaurant had an egg station, a quesadilla station and Mexican stews. The kids loved the huge selection of fresh fruit, and they made several visits to the fresh breads and pastries.

We worked up a huge appetite seeing the top Xcaret attractions all morning and we ate a ton of food. La Orquídea Restaurant was a great Xcaret dining option for families with small kids!

There are plenty of places to eat at Xcaret with kids

Xcaret Children’s World

After lunch we rewarded the kids for a great morning with a visit to the  Xcaret Children’s World. I was so impressed with the Xcaret Children’s World, it was actually hard to leave as the kids were enjoying themselves so much.

Upon arrival at Children’s World, our daughter grabbed a kid-sized life jacket and jumped straight into the little lake, which has a surprisingly beautiful cascading waterfall flowing into it. I love the effort by Xcaret Park to make the kids play area beautiful too.

Children's World is a fun place at Xcaret for kids

There was a little wading pool next to the lake which our toddler enjoyed playing in. He started to “swim”, which was a huge confidence boost for him. You could see how proud he was!

From there, our daughter went up to the Xcaret splash park, where she quickly made some new friends, while our son dug for buried Mayan treasure in the large sandbox.

Kids play at the splash park at Children's World Xcaret

Our daughter’s favorite thing to do at the Xcaret Children’s World was the Secret Adventure, which she was able to do with some help from Mom.

The Secret Adventure is a long pathway with jungle gym-type obstacles to navigate, ropes to climb, bridges to cross, waterslides to go down and bird houses to walk through. Our daughter simply loved it!

Our child loved the Secret Adventure obstacle course at Xcaret Children's World

Swim the Xcaret Underground River

Our last activity of the day was the Xcaret Underground River. Our toddler built off of his “swimming” success at Children’s World and eagerly got into the underground river with Celine!

He’d barely gone into the water at our swimming pool at our 3-bedroom Playa del Carmen condo vacation rental and there he was going into the underground river – amazing!

Toddlers are allowed to swim the Xcaret Underground River, but they may find the water too cold

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The water temperature of the underground river was quite cool and the kids teeth started to chatter a little bit. The first little stretch of river goes through a really beautiful tall canyon, lined with waterfalls and trees at the top.

Kids will love swimming the lazy river at Xcaret Nature Park

Before long the river enters a dark cave with high ceilings. It got pretty dark in there, but there were light holes in the ceiling every so often which allowed us to see just enough. It was a little scary for our kids, but we had some fun with it. 

There are 4-5 exits along the Xcaret underground river in case you want to get out before the end. We ended up getting out at the first exit as we ate too much at the buffet and we weren’t feeling great swimming with such a full stomach.

We wanted to keep the underground river experience fun for the kids and if we stayed in too long, they would likely start to fuss, etc. So we ended it at the first exit and everyone walked away with a great memory of the Xcaret underground river. 

Xcaret Underground River Tips:

  • Xcaret park policy requires guests wear biodegradable sunscreen to help protect the hydrological system.

  • There are some helpful, but somewhat complex logistics associated with your belongings and equipment for the underground river. We share the full details of how this works on our Xcaret Tips & Tricks blog post
Swimming the underground river at Xcaret with kids

Xcaret Park with Kids was So Much Fun!

That’s our day at Xcaret with our kids! We focused on the many nature attractions, but that is not all Xcaret has to offer. Xcaret Park has an equally impressive number of cultural attractions, including Mayan ruins, museums, shows, chapels, etc.

There was so much to do at Xcaret with kids that we could have easily spent another full day at Xcaret to take it all in. But, in the end we decided to spend a super-fun day in the water at Xel-Ha, another excellent park by the Xcaret Group.

Also, check out our 9 Reasons Parents Should Take Their Kids to Xcaret and Xel-Ha.

How to Save Money on Xcaret Tickets

Visiting Xcaret with kids can get pretty expensive. There are several easy ways to save money on your family visit to Xcaret.

We share all the way to save money on our list of Xcaret Tips, but the easiest way to save 10-15% is to simply buy your Xcaret tickets online. This alone will save two parents a minimum of $20USD!

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