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The Best Hike on Korcula, Croatia

After the amazing hiking we did on Hvar, we knew we wanted to try more hiking in Croatia. We got the opportunity to do an amazing Korcula hike during our two days in Korcula with kids. In fact, this Korcula hiking trail was one of the best hikes in Croatia!

Korcula Hiking Trail to Kocje

The Kocje Protected Area is a narrow valley near Korcula Town with some pretty amazing rock formations. Kocje is overgrown with moss and ivy vines, turning the place vibrant green, even in the shade, making the whole place feel magical.

Korcula hiking Trail to Kocje protected area

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Hiking from Korcula to Kocje

1. Hike to Fortica

Fortica - things to do on Korcula

We left our rental apartment to begin our day of Korcula hiking at 7:45am just south of the Korcula Old Town. We had the kids in their carriers at first so we could get some good distance under our belts quickly. We started hiking west up a set of stairs on Bernarda Bernardi.

These stairs wind their way through some local houses until you leave the Korula, cross a road and enter a park.

The stairs continue upwards up a reasonably steep hill, but soon enough you reach the top where you find “Fortica“, a small fort built by the British in the early 1800’s.

You can’t go inside Fortica, but it’s fun to take a quick walk around. Sadly, after all that effort climbing stairs to see Fortica, the surrounding trees block the view of the historical Korcula Old Town below. 

Hiking on Korcula from Korcula Old Town with Kids

2. Hiking from Fortica to Zrnovo

After a minute or two walking around Fortica, we hiked down the hill on the opposite side until we arrived at the main highway.

We had to hike on the edge of the highway for about a kilometer when we were able to turn off and start hiking on a country road. Watch for the sign to Kocje to know where to turn.

Soon you come to a junction with the Korcula hiking trail forking into three – take the middle one.

The kids loved running along this quiet road on Korcula, where we didn’t see another soul.

We have an entire post full of all our best tips for hiking with kids and this one with all the best hiking gear for kids.

Hiking Korcula with kids to the  Kocje protected area

3. Zrnovo

This well-treed hiking trail leads you to Zrnovo, one of the oldest settlements on Korcula Island. Zrnovo is a really beautiful, historic town and it’s worth slowing down to soak it in. There are a lot of beautiful old buildings, churches, ruins of old houses, flower gardens, etc.

If you are there late enough, there is a café in Zrnovo to stop and enjoy some refreshments. We put the kids in their toddler carriers so they could enjoy a snack while we hiked slowly south though town (while also not having to worry about them on the roads).

homes on Zrnovo, Korcula Island, Croatia

Soon we turned west at what appeared to be a WWI memorial. This road leads you out of Zrnovo and back onto an old country road. It is here that you get your first taste of the interesting rock formations as you see them scattered in the surrounding Korcula countryside.

World War I Memorial in Zrnovo on Korcula, Croatia - things to see on Korcula

4. Hiking from Zrnovo to Kocje Protected Area

After leaving Zrnovo, the scenery along this section of the Korcula hiking trail is amazing, with vineyards, old ruins, rock walls, church towers in the distance, etc.

After about a half-mile (800m) of hiking, watch for a small green Kocje sign in the grass, pointing to a trail which veers off to the right.

Sign to Kocje on Korcula hiking trail

There is a tall hill with many interesting rock formations on it to your right. This new hiking trail takes you around to the west side of it, ending at the Kocje protected area.

This last section of the Korcula hike is pretty challenging though and it will slow you down. It becomes a single person trail through tightly packed shrubs, trees and bushes.

It was especially tough for us hiking with kids – our two year old didn’t like bushwhacking and wanted to be carried, which made getting through even harder. Thankfully, our four year old ran through the stuff as if it wasn’t even there.

Korcula Hiking to Kocje protected area with Kids

5. Kocje Protected Area

Your reward for getting through this tight section of hiking trail is the Kocje Protected Area. You enter the Kocje Protected Area through small valley with large, interesting rocks on both sides.

Kocje is a very special place and our kids absolutely loved running around and exploring. In fact, Kocje turned out to be our kids favorite thing to do on Korcula.

The Kocje hiking trail descends into the valley below and it just becomes this magical emerald forest. You really need to see Kocje – words and pictures can’t really do it justice.

Moss and ivy cover every inch of Kocje and it just glows green, even in the shade. It’s a bit slippery in spots, with some large rock steps to maneuver, so watch your little ones closely.

Korcula hiking to Kocje protected area
Korcula Hiking Trail to Kocje Park
things to do on Korcula - hiking to Kocje with Kids
Hiking on korcula island to Kocje protected area with kids

6. Hiking from Kocje to Zrnovo

We didn’t find it easy to find our way out of the Kocje valley, but the hiking trail continues to the north, so keep looking, it’s there.

You come out of Kocje and end up on a hiking trail which runs east-west. To head back to Zrnovo a different way, go west.

This section of hiking trail is along a country road which gives you some amazing views of the Adriatic Sea and the Peninsula Peljesac below.

Hiking in Croatia with Kids - trail to Zrnovo
Views of the Adriatic Sea while hiking on Korcula, Croatia
Set Sail in Croatia - Go on an adventure of a limetime - tourradar

7. Hiking Zrovo to Korcula Old Town

When we got back to Zrnovo, we took the time to walk up the main street again and then we headed back to Korcula via a different hiking route.

We left Zrnovo on the same path we came in on, but almost immediately, we turned left. This hiking trail takes you north, going steeply downhill. The bottom sections of this hiking trail are overgrown bush as well, which isn’t overly enjoyable, but it’s a short stretch.

The hiking trail comes out at a paved road. Turn west until the road comes to a T-intersection, where you turn right (east) on Zrnovska Banja.

Unfortunately, this is a paved road the whole way back to Korcula and it can be a little busy at times, but the payoff is that it hugs the Adriatic Sea nearly the whole way back.

You follow the road around several bends and into many little coves, with charming little boats and incredibly blue water. Our feet were getting a little sore by this point and walking on pavement didn’t help, but we sucked it up and enjoyed the incredible coastal scenery which makes this part of Croatia special.

stunning turquoise water of Adriatic Sea along Korcula Island
Hiking back to Korcula Old Town from Kocje Protected Area in Croatia with Kids

The Kocje protected area doesn’t show up on a Google Maps search. You can find it using AllTrails – it’s the little green circle just east of Zrnovo Prvo Selo (click on the link and zoom in a little and Kocje will appear).

All together, this amazing Korcula hike took us 4.5 hours and covered just over 7.5 miles (12km). The hike from Korcula to Kocje starts at sea level and reaches as high as 745 ft (227m) above. Wear good hiking shoes as the trail can get rocky, uneven or wet at times.

We carried our kids on all of the sections on roads, but they were able to hike almost half the distance themselves. This was a great Korcula hiking trail for kids and it kept them interested the whole way, which in turn kept us happy the whole way!

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