15 Easy Bike Trails for Kids in Utah

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Utah is one of the best places for biking with kids. Whether you’re looking to introduce kids to trail riding or just want a nice leisurely paved bike trail, you can find it all in Utah

Paved biking trails are a great way to get kids pedaling. Bike parks are also a fun way to get kids to love bike riding. Whether you live in the area or have a Utah road trip with kids planned, add these to your list of things to do in Utah with kids!

Here are 15 easy bike trails for kids in Utah, that the whole family will love.

best Park City Utah bike trails for Kids

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Best Utah Bike Park Trails For Kids

Utah bike parks for kids are absolutely amazing. These are great places for kids to try pushing their limits in a more controlled environment, so always make sure that they wear a good fitting bike helmet as well as a pair of kids bike gloves.  Here are our favorite Utah bike parks for kids.

Snake Hollow Bike Park in St George, Utah

Snake Hollow really is one of the best bike parks for kids in Utah. Best of all, since it’s in St George, it can be ridden nearly year round. We love to visit Snake Hollow as a warm up ride in the off season before heading out on some easy St George singletrack, or as a reward for the kids after finishing a challenging ride.

The trails at Snake Hollow are perfect for all levels of riders, with something for everyone. There are flowy beginner trails, gnarly black diamond trails, and everything in between. And because of the variety of trails, it’s a great place to take kids who are just starting out on their bikes.

Toddlers will love the upper trail with raised paths and a snake to ride through. Intermediate riders will love the different pump tracks and advanced riders can try out the gap jumps.

Snake Hollow - Utah bike parks for kids

Trailside Bike Park in Park City, Utah

Trailside is our favorite Park City biking area to let each of the kids work on their own skills. With 2 pump tracks, several skill areas, and practice loops for all abilities, Trailside is an easy place to ride with the whole family.

As a mom, I Iove that I can monitor all of the kids on different trails pretty easily from the top of the hill. While not everything is in sight the whole time, it’s pretty close, so it’s as great place to give kids a little bit of freedom on their bikes while still being close.

After you’re done riding Trailside, make sure to head down to the park below the parking lot for the absolute best playground in all of Park City. The covered picnic pavilion is the perfect place for a picnic after a hot ride!  

Trailside - Utah bike parks for kids

Draper Cycle Park in Draper, Utah

Draper Cycle Park is a new bike park for kids in Draper, Utah. It’s quickly become one of the best bike parks for kids, with something for all levels of riders.

The beginner and intermediate trails are perfect for younger kids who are just starting out on their bikes, while the more advanced trails offer a challenge for older kids.

The Draper Cycle Park is right at the base of the Corner Canyon trail system, so the park is a good place to warm up or cool down combined with a longer trail ride.

Best Utah Paved Bike Trails For Kids

Image of Zion Canyon from Pa'rus Trail

Park City Rail Trail in Park City, Utah

The Park City Rail Trail is a great place to take kids on their bikes. It’s a combination of a paved and gravel trail that’s mostly flat, following the rail line near park city.

The trail is wide and mostly straight, making it a great place for kids to ride their bikes without having to worry too much about cars.

The Park City Rail Trail is a great place to start out on a longer bike ride, or as an easy ride after a more challenging singletrack ride. The overall trail is 28 miles and winds from Park City to Echo Reservoir.

The trail is wide and has a few gentle hills, making it perfect for biking with kids. There are also several parks and playgrounds located along the path, so you can easily make a full day out of the ride.

Provo River Trail in Provo, Utah

The Provo River Trail is a great place to take your kids on their bikes. It’s a paved trail that follows the Provo River from Utah Lake up to Vivian Park. The most scenic stretch of trail is from the mouth of Provo Canyon up to Vivian Park. Make sure to take some time to stop at Bridal Veil Falls and enjoy the waterfall cascading above you, or to play on the playground at Vivian Park.

This trail is very popular and is commonly used by runners and skateboarders as well, so make sure kids are aware of how to be safe around other trail users before you start riding.

Provo river trail - utah paved bike trails for kids

Red Canyon Bike Trail in Bryce Canyon, Utah

Don’t forget your bikes when visiting Bryce Canyon National Park with kids! The Red Canyon Trail goes along Historic Highway 12 just outside of Bryce Canyon. The scenery here is absolutely unreal and if you like red rocks, there are few prettier places to bike. This trail was recently paved and is about 11 miles long with a very gentle slope making it suitable for all ages.

If you want to combine this ride with some mountain biking, the Red Canyon Trail runs right by the Cassidy + Rich Loop trail, which has some fun easy intermediate singletrack.

Red Canyon bike trail - Bryce Canyon National Park

Moab Canyon Paved Path in Moab, Utah

When your kids have had enough hiking in Arches National Park, it’s time to get on two wheels!

The Moab Canyon Paved Path is a great place to ride with kids. It’s an easy 8 mile out-and-back path that follows the Colorado River through the heart of Moab.

This is a great trail for younger kids who are just starting out on their bikes, as it’s mostly flat and easy.

The trail is very popular with locals and visitors alike, so make sure to be aware of other trail uses.

If you want to make a day of it, there are plenty of restaurants and shops located in downtown Moab. that you can also bike to.

Jordan River Trail in Sandy, Utah

The Jordan River Trail is a great place to ride with kids. It’s an easy, paved trail that follows the Jordan River from Utah Lake to the Great Salt Lake and is about 45 miles long.

This is a great trail for younger kids who are just starting out on their bikes, as it is mostly flat and easy.

Most of the trail goes through the city, so it’s easy to ride as little or as much as you’d like.

Zion National Park Pa’rus Trail in Springdale, Utah

The Zion National Park Pa’rus Trail isn’t just an easy Zion hike, it is a great place to bike with kids. It’s an easy, paved trail that follows the Virgin River through the heart of Zion National Park.

With the increased popularity of Zion National Park, biking through the park is a great way to avoid the overcrowded shuttle system and to see the park at a slower pace. The trail also connects into the town of Springdale, so it’s easy to pedal into town for dinner at the end of a long day of exploring.

Make sure to bring your bike locks to lock up your bikes whenever you decide to stop and go for one of these best hikes in Zion National Park with kids.

Hiking Parus Trail with Kids

St George Paved Bike Trails in St George, Utah

St George is one of the best places to bike year round in Utah, and thankfully it has a lot of family friendly paved bike trails.

The best place to start is the St George Recreation Center, where you can pick up a map of all the local bike trails.

The Virgin River Parkway Trail is a great option for younger kids, as it’s mostly flat and follows the Virgin River from Bloomington Hills to the Hurricane Dam.

For a more challenging ride, check out the Washington County Parkway Trail, which is a 15 mile loop that takes you up and over some small hills.

Best Easy Utah Mountain Bike Trails For Kids

Thunder Mountain - Utah easy mountain bike trails for kids

Little Valley Trail in Draper, Utah

Little Valley is part of the Corner Canyon trail system, but is specifically built for little kids and beginning riders. It’s a very short, easy trail that is perfect for younger kids just starting out on their bikes.

This trail starts at the top of the Draper Slope parking lot and winds its way through the trees before ending back at the parking lot. There are several trails of varying difficulty so your kids can gradually improve their skills while still staying on the same set of trails.

Bear Claw Poppy Trail in St George, Utah

Bear Claw Poppy is a short, easy singletrack trail that is perfect for kids and beginner riders.

The trail is less than 2 miles long and winds its way through the red rocks of Southern Utah. The trail is a 1 direction ride, so make sure to follow the posted signs. The uphill ride is pretty gradual and starts off to the left as soon as you enter the trail from the parking lot. Once you get to the large hill and fence, you’ll start riding downhill.

Bearclaw Poppy is a series of up and down little hills and kids will absolutely love it. This is one of the best Utah mountain bike trails for kids.

Bear Claw Poppy - easy mountain bike trail near St. George Utah

Round Valley Trails in Park City, Utah

Round Valley is located just outside of Park City and is full of tons of beginner and intermediate trails perfect for biking with kids.

The best place to start is the Round Valley trailhead, where you can pick up a map of all the local bike trails.

Fast Pitch and Matts Flat are both great options for younger kids, as it’s mostly flat and not technical.

Round Valley bike trails for kids near Park City Utah

Big Spring Hollow Trail in Provo Canyon, Utah

Big Spring Hollow is a great beginner mountain bike trail located in Provo Canyon.

The trail is about 5 miles long and starts off easy with a few small hills, but eventually gets a bit more challenging as you approach the end of the trail.

This is a great trail for kids who are looking to start getting into mountain biking. With a short shuttle, this can easily be combined with the Provo River Trail (though because of car traffic, we don’t recommend that kids bike between the two).

Big Spring Hollow - Utah mountain biking for kids

Jurassic and Dino Flow Trails in Moab, Utah

While Moab is well known for its intense and challenging singletrack, there are some great kid friendly mountain bike trails as well. The Jurassic and Dino Flow trails are located at Klondike Bluffs, just 15 miles north of Moab.

These trails are perfect for kids, as they are wide, flowy, and non-technical. The trail is also well marked, so it’s easy to follow.

Dino Flow is a great trail for kids just starting out on their bikes, while Jurassic is a bit more challenging with some small hills thrown in.

Best Utah bike trails for kids

Honestly, these trails are just scratching the surface of what’s available to bike with kids in Utah. Downloading the Trailforks app will be incredibly helpful for any rides you’re planning on doing so you can get current trail conditions, and more details on length, difficulty and elevation gain so you can pick the very best bike rides for your kids.

This post was written by Jessica Averett. Jessica is an outdoor loving mom of 5 kids. She believes that the best memories are made outside and mixed with a little bit of dirt!  You can follow some of her best biking tips at BikingKids.com.

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