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If you are looking for some amazing Isle of Skye hiking with less crowds, the Brother’s Point, or Rubha nam Brathairean, is an excellent option. The scenery all along the Brother’s Point hike is incredible. It’s just a few minutes north of the Old Man of Storr hike and can be done back-to-back.

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The Brother’s Point hike starts along the Highway A855 and slowly starts descending towards a rocky peninsula, jutting out dramatically into the Sound of Raasay. At first the trail follows a narrow, grassy path downhill through some sheep pastures.

There is a river valley off to the right and a beautiful little waterfall can be seen and heard. The ocean is becoming prominent in the distance and the views of the peninsula are breathtaking.

image of waterfall and stream along Brother's Point hike on Isle of Skye

About halfway down the hill, watch for the ruins of an old settlement. There will be a path up a hill to the left leading to the remnants of an old house. You can still see the elements of the house, including the kitchen (or fireplace?), windows, hallways, rooms, etc. It’s a very short detour from the main trail and is worth a quick visit.

The trail meets up with the river valley as you reach sea level. There is a nice grass lawn next to a small, but pleasant waterfall flowing into a pond. The perfect spot to stop and soak in the scenery.

The rocky oceanfront land is very beautiful and the ocean is a surprisingly light shade of crystal blue when the sun is shining. The trail continues along the coast towards the large hill atop the end of the peninsula. You can walk along the large rocks on the beach or slightly higher on the grass behind the beach.

image of landscape and views on Brother's Point walk on Isle of Skye Scotland

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You will pass a warning sign about halfway to the big hill – it warns of steep cliffs ahead. Indeed, there are two sections nearing the hill where the trail is tight and the drop-offs are severe, so watch your kids very closely.

image of sign cautioning to stay away from cliffs ahead (found along Brother's Point hike on Isle of Skye Scotland)

There is another large patch of grass near the hill where 20 sheep from the neighboring pasture had hopped the fence to sit and watch the hikers go by.

The trail continues up to the summit of the short hill. There is a tiny amount of scrambling required to get up a few rocks along the path. You will need to help kids get through these sections, but it’s very little effort required.

image of landscape on Brother's Point walk on Isle of Skye Scotland. Includes grass covered hills next to the ocean.

The view from the top of the hill is exceptional.  Here you have clear north-south views of the dramatic cliffs which line the oceanfront. To the north, you can see the Mealt Waterfall, plunging from a high clifftop into the ocean below. To the east, you can see the jagged end of the rocky peninsula you are standing on and to the south, the cliffs and mountains seem to go on forever.

image of cliffs and waterfall that drop down to the ocean on Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Brother’s Point walk continues down other side of the hill to the very end of the peninsula, but we elected to take the kids back to the oceanfront closer to the waterfall, so we could spend some time in the tide pools. The kids love beachcombing and after hiking Old Man of Storr and The Brother’s Point on the same day, we felt they deserved some time to just explore.

image of Brother's Point which is one of the best hikes on Isle of Skye Scotland
image of girl walking across moss covered rocks on Isle of Skye

The Brother’s Point Hike Stats

image of hiking Brother's Point with Kids on Isle of Skye Scotland

Distance: The full round-trip distance of The Brother’s Point hike is 2 miles / 3.2km.

Elevation Gain: This hike is mostly downhill on the way to the peninsula, so the elevation gain comes from climbing back up the hill to your car.  The total elevation gain on this hike is 315 feet / 95m.

Difficulty: We’d rate the Brother’s Point hike as ‘easy’. It’s short and sweet and the hill back up isn’t too bad. The only other difficult point is climbing the short hill on the peninsula.

Duration: It took us about an hour to reach the hill on the peninsula, which is a bit slower than usual. The slower pace is likely due to the muddy patches in the grass behind the beach. It sometimes took a while to find a dry spot to cross.

The Brother’s Point Location

image of woman and boy walking alongside the road from carpark to Brother's Point hike on Isle of Skye Scotland

How to Get There:  The Brother’s Point car park is a 25 minute drive north of Portree on Highway A855. It’s only 10 minutes drive north of the Old Man of Storr, making it a nice combo hike.

The Brother’s Point parking lot is small, but it’s not too busy. We found a spot without issue in the early afternoon. The trailhead is about a minute’s walk south of the car park. Just look for the sign at the trailhead.

The Brother’s Point Carpark Location

The Brother’s Point Trailhead Location

image of sign for Rubha nam Braithrean walk on Isle of Skye (Brother's Point hike)

The Brother’s Point Hike Highlights

image of the last part of the peninsula on the Brother's Point hike on Isle of Skye

We would consider this to be one of the best Isle of Skye walks, given the views and lack of crowds. Here are the highlights of the Brother’s Point hike:

  • The views of the ocean and the rocky shoreline are the main reasons for doing this hike. You will really enjoy the breathtaking vistas from several vantage points along this hike.

  • The sheep pastures on the way down to the ocean are a lot of fun too. The fields are full of sheep with the sounds of them bleating filling the air.

  • The old ruins of a house along the side of the trail are a nice bonus and is a fun side trip.
image of boy in window of ruins on Isle of Skye

Hiking The Brother’s Point with Kids

image of father holding daughters hand on Brother's Point hiking trail on Isle of Skye Scotland

This is a one of the easier Isle of Skye hiking trails we did, but there were a few spots where we had to watch our kids carefully. Here are a few other considerations for hiking the Brother’s Point with kids:

  • There are no bathrooms in the parking lot. There are places you can hide along the trail though.

  • There are no water stations either, so be sure to fill your hydration packs before leaving home.

  • The trail surface on this hike varies from soft grass, to gravel to large stones along the beach. The grass can get quite muddy underneath and it is entirely possible a complete foot will be submerged. Try to wear something waterproof, like a good pair of hiking shoes.

  • As always, be prepared for all kinds of weather in Scotland. We did this hike on a partly cloudy day and were continually taking off and putting on layers. Be prepared for anything; wear clothing in layers, bring lots of water, sunscreen, rain gear, and something to repel the midges (just in case – it was sunny and just windy enough to keep them at bay during our hike).

  • This trail is not stroller accessible, but it is common in Scotland for parents to carry their little ones on their backs in a backpack carrier for babies or toddlers.

  • Dogs are allowed on The Brother’s Point, but given how many sheep are in the area, make sure they are on leash at all times.

  • There are plenty of awesome places to go beachcombing along the seashore on this hike. Our kids enjoyed looking in all the tide pools for small ocean life.

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image of boy walking towards green hills and ocean in the distance on Brother's Point walk on Isle of Skye

Where to Stop for Lunch or a Break

image of a boy and girl playing in the grass with the ocean and cliffs in the distance

The grassy lawn by the waterfall at the base of the hill is a nice spot to stop for a break. Another great choice is at the top of the hill on the peninsula. There are a lot of sheep in the area, so just make sure to take a good look before you sit on the grass!


image of Brother's Point hiking trail with mother and two children hiking
  • There are a few short sections of trail where there are steep drop-offs.

  • The area at the top of the peninsula hill is pretty small and there are dangerous drop-offs all around. The temptation to pull out your cameras will be great here, but if you have small kids, make sure one parent is watching the kids at all times.

  • The trail through the sheep pasture is nice and wide, but the fence on the side has rusty barbed wire on it, so try to keep your kids on the other side of the trail.

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Image of Brother's Point on Isle of Skye Scotland with text overlay of The Best Hikes on Isle of Skye - Brother's Point
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