5 Tokyo Playgrounds for Visitors

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Looking for things to do in Tokyo with kids? You’re in luck – there many Tokyo playgrounds near the major attractions. This way you can easily add some play time to your family trip to Tokyo.

If you are visiting Tokyo with kids, it’s important to give them time to play. Kids don’t stop being kids just because they are on vacation. Being somewhere new can be a bit stressful for little kids and depending on where you are from, Japan may seem very strange & different to your child. Taking them to play at a Tokyo playground gives them a much needed sense of normalcy and helps them blow off steam.

A small girl on a family trip to Japan rides a panda at a Tokyo playground in Euno Park.

And who knows, there’s a very good chance they will make a new Japanese friend along the way, even if they don’t speak the same language!

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5 Playgrounds in Tokyo for Tourists

We had an excellent family trip to Tokyo. Here are some of the Tokyo playgrounds we discovered during our trip.

1. Ueno Park Playground

With over 10 million people visiting this park every year, Ueno Park is one of Tokyo’s most popular parks. There is something here for everyone: museums, temples, shrines, a zoo, an amusement park and yes a playground.  

Conveniently located near the Ueno Zoo and Ueno Children’s Amusement Park, this Ueno Park playground has a fun Japanese feel to it. Our kids enjoyed exploring and climbing the main structure and coming back down one of the multiple slides. They also enjoyed the sitting on the fun rocking panda and the funny-looking blue centipede.

This playground was in good shape and felt like it was reasonably new. There are bathrooms close to the playground, complete with baby changing tables if you need. As a bonus for parents, there is also a Starbucks nearby if you want to get a coffee while the kids are playing.  

a young girl plays at a Tokyo playground in Ueno Park near the zoo.

Directions to the Ueno Park Playground

2. Akihabara Playground

A flood of towering neon lights, anime shops, electronics stores and the famous milk maids, the Akihabara District is one of those places in Tokyo you just have to see. It’s super crowded and chances are that your small kids will be a little overwhelmed or tired of it after a little while. Thankfully there is a good playground near Akihabara, only a few blocks away from the madness. 

The Akihabara playground equipment was made of one large structure, with a bridge, a tunnel and several slides. The playground equipment was a little dirty, but we believe that was due to the recent rainfall and not neglect. 

There is a public washroom in the north-west corner of the park. 

A small girl on a family trip to Japan plays at a fun Tokyo playground in the Akihabara district.

Directions to the Akihabara playground

3. Kojima District Playground

Ok, ok… so this Tokyo playground isn’t near any major tourist attractions, but it’s a really good playground near our rental apartment, and we thought it was worth mentioning in case any of you are staying close by. 

This big playground in Kojima is fun for the kids to explore; with many different stairs and pathways, they will be begging you to come and play hide-and-seek, pirate ship or some other imagination game. There is a fun spiral slide as well as swings for big and small kids.

A fun Tokyo Playground in the Kojima District.

Directions to the playground in Kojima

4. Playground near Meiji Shrine

Beautifully set within a large forested area, the Meiji Shrine is one of Tokyo’s most visited shrines. If you want to bribe your bored, temple-overloaded kids to be good, promise them a post-shrine visit to Niko Niko Park.

This large Tokyo playground has a climbable mountain with slide, a Jungle Tower and a trampoline. There is also an area for smaller kids too. Note, this playground charges admission for ages 2+.

Directions to the Meiji Shrine Playground in Niko Niko Park.

5. Playground Near Tokyo City View

Located high-up within one of Tokyo’s tallest skyscrapers is the Tokyo City View Observation Deck. When you are finished enjoying the views, stop by the “Robot Park” playground for some playtime. Near the observation deck, this small playground has 10 colorful slides side-by-side! There are also robot-inspired spring riders for little kids.

Directions to the Robot Park Playground

That’s it! We hope you have a wonderful family trip to Tokyo. Don’t forget your kids need time to play too!

Looking for a place where the kids can play during your trip to Tokyo? Check out these five fun playgrounds your kids will enjoy! #tokyo #japan #familytravel #travelwithkids #playground
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