Best National Parks for Families

Kids hiking on a family vacation in Shenandoah National Park Virginia.

The United States of America is a beautiful country, home to some of the most beautiful natural areas I have seen anywhere in the world. Lucky for us, many of these areas of beauty have been protected to allow families to enjoy these wonders for generations to come. We have visited many of these beautiful places with our kids and are eager to share with you our list of the best national parks for families in the US.

Kids hiking on vacation in Shenandoah National Park Virginia.
Shenandoah National Park.

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5 Easy Kyoto Hikes


Kyoto is rightfully famous for its beautiful temples and shrines. But, are you like us and get a little tired of seeing temple after temple? Thankfully, there are many easy Kyoto hikes you can enjoy with your family! Surrounded by lush, green mountains on all sides, Kyoto has many family-friendly hiking trails to keep you and your kids sane between all the temple visits.

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Three days in Kanchanaburi with Kids

Kayaking under the River Kwai Kanchanaburi Thailand

Kanchanaburi is best known as the home of The Bridge over the River Kwai, but we chose to visit there on our Thailand family vacation for the amazing outdoor activities. In our three days in Kanchanaburi with kids (aged 3 & 5), we were able to do our three favorite outdoor activities; hiking, biking and kayaking.

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25 Tips for Hiking with Kids

image of two kids hiking on trail to delicate arch in utah

Before kids, hiking was one of our favorite things to do as a couple. When we had kids, we wanted to share our passion for hiking with our kids. Over the years, we’ve made a few mistakes while hiking with our kids (we all do), but our efforts seem to have paid off. The good news is that all of this experience has paid off and we learned a lot about hiking with children.

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The Best Hiking Gear for Kids – 2024 Edition

image of kids hiking boots

We LOVE hiking with our children. Take a look through our blog and you’ll see we go hiking with kids a lot, both at home in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, in the United States and around the world. We know from experience what is essential hiking gear for kids and what stuff is just ‘nice to have’. As you can see from the pictures in this post, we have personally used every single piece of kids hiking gear mentioned and are confident in recommending it to you.

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The Palm Desert Cross Hike With Kids

image of family hiking in Palm Springs on Cross Loop Trail

The Palm Desert Cross hike is one of the best hikes in Palm Desert. Popular with locals and visitors alike, you’ll be sharing the trail with everyone from young families hiking with kids to power walking retirees. Everyone is in a good mood, with a big smile on their faces with a friendly “hello” as you pass by.

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Hiking the Palm Canyon Trail with Kids

Hiking Palm Canyon Trail with Kids

Did you know that Palm Springs is home to one of the largest palm oasis’ in the entire world? Who knew?? Ok, ok… apparently the United States Topographical Engineers did when they named this place Palm Springs in 1853, but I sure didn’t!

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5 Easy Bohemian Paradise Hiking Trails

Bohemian Paradise Hiking with Kids

The Bohemian Paradise (also known as “Czech Paradise” or “Cesky Raj“) is a beautiful protected area in the Czech Republic. Bohemian Paradise is known for its sandstone rock formations and the twin towers of the Trosky Castle, perched dramatically up high on two basalt volcanic plugs. We chose to visit this beautiful area of the Czech Republic with our kids as there are so many fun & scenic easy Bohemian Paradise hiking trails.

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