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Exploring Slovenia with kids is an adventure into a green, family-friendly mountain playground. This European gem offers a mix of outdoor fun and cultural discovery, from the magical Lake Bled to the historic streets of Ljubljana. Slovenia’s compact size is perfect for family travel, allowing easy transitions from urban exploration to nature escapades.

We loved visiting Slovenia’s diverse attractions, including serene lakes, enchanting caves, and alpine playgrounds. We were lucky enough to see many of the incredible highlights on our trip to Slovenia with kids on some self-guided tours.

Read on to discover the top destinations and experiences for families in Slovenia, providing tips to make your family trip to Slovenia the best it can be.

an 8-year old boy enjoys views of Assumption of Maria Church from the Bled Castle.
Our son enjoys the view from Bled Castle.

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Planning a Family Vacation to Slovenia

When to Visit Slovenia with Kids

Our suggestion for the best time to plan your family vacation in Slovenia aligns with the common choice for most European getaways. For many families, including ours, summer stands out as the perfect time to visit Slovenia, fitting neatly into the kids’ school summer holidays. Yet, it’s important to mention that spring or fall also offer unique benefits for discovering Slovenia with your children, if you can fit it into their school schedule.

a family poses in front of St. Mary's Church while on a self-guided family cycling tour around Lake Bled.
Family cycling around Lake Bled.

High Season in Slovenia

The high season in Slovenia typically spans from June to August. This period aligns with the warmest and sunniest months, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, swimming in lakes like Bled and Bohinj, and exploring the country’s natural beauty, including Triglav National Park.

Although we experienced a few days of torrential rain in August, the otherwise pleasant weather conditions let us enjoy a wide range of outdoor adventures in Slovenia’s mountain landscapes.

an 8-year old boy enjoys swimming in the Castle Bathing Area during a family vacation to Lake Bled, Slovenia.
We loved the Lake Bled swimming area.

In exchange for the best weather of the year, a visit to Slovenia with kids in high season also means expensive accommodations and big crowds at the top tourist destinations in Bled and Ljubljana. We had trouble finding accommodations in Bled within our budget, so we advise you to book your accommodations as early as possible if you are planning a family vacation to Slovenia during high season.

Shoulder Season in Slovenia

The shoulder seasons for tourism in Slovenia are spring (April to June) and fall (September to October). If you can somehow schedule your Slovenia family vacation during shoulder season, you will enjoy milder weather, fewer tourists and more affordable accommodations.

How Long to Visit Slovenia with Kids

Slovenia is an incredibly beautiful and welcoming country with a wide variety of destinations for families to choose from. Families visiting Slovenia with kids can choose from the beauty, culture and history of Ljubljana, or the amazing mountains of the Triglav National Park.

We focused primarily on the mountainous areas of Slovenia around Lake Bled and the Triglav National Park. We spent a total of 2 weeks on our family holiday in Slovenia, and it honestly felt too short – we could have easily stayed longer.

the Lake Bled church as seen from the Ojstrica Viewpoint hiking trail.
The Ojstrica Viewpoint is the best place for the Bled Church view.

Below we share our 2-week Slovenia family trip itinerary. You can easily modify it to make it a 1-week itinerary for your Slovenia family holiday, by removing parts of our trip which may not appeal to you.

Getting Around Slovenia with Kids

It’s always super easy to get around Europe with kids, and Slovenia is no exception. To be fair, this time most of our family trip to Slovenia was through self-guided tours, so some of the logistics were already taken care of, but we booked a lot of our own travel within the country as well.

Getting around Slovenia without a rental car is quite easy thanks to the country’s compact size and efficient public transportation system. We took many train rides in Slovenia, and found them an efficient and fun way to get around. To get to some of the smaller centers, Slovenia has an extensive bus network as well.

a train in Slovenia enters a tunnel in-between Bled-Jezero and Jesenice.

You can always rent a car for your family trip to Slovenia, but we always try to avoid rental cars in Europe whenever possible. It’s just so easy (and fun!) to get around without one.

Where to Stay in Slovenia with Kids

From our many family travels to Europe, we’ve discovered there’s a large selection of family-friendly places to stay, and Slovenia is no exception. You’re bound to find the ideal spot for your family.

For extended stays, we lean towards vacation rentals for that homey feel, appreciating the kitchen facilities for whipping up a healthy breakfast or packing lunches. While we often dine out, having a kitchen is a bonus for those days when you crave a home-cooked meal.

Family-friendly features like separate bedrooms and laundry facilities have been a game-changer for us. Separate bedrooms not only mean privacy but also help ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep, making for happier travels.

Our kids have grown to love hotels for their buffet breakfasts and pools, so we included a few hotel stays in Slovenia as well. We found great options with family rooms, adjoining rooms, and even bunk beds for the kids.

two kids play on their beds at the Garnia Hotel Savica during a family trip to Lake Bled in summer.
One of our 2-bedroom Bled hotels.

You can browse vacation rentals and family-friendly hotels in Slovenia. Or, for more detailed insights on our stays in Slovenia, check out our specific destination posts.

Slovenia Family Trip Itinerary

Here is our two-week Slovenia itinerary with kids. As mentioned previously, our family trip to Slovenia was a combination of kid-friendly hiking and biking tours, combined with some free time for family fun in some of the country’s best destinations.

Family travel is all about finding balance. Although we planned many family friendly activities in Slovenia for the kids, we also added activities we love to do (like hiking) to our itinerary. You’ll see our 2-week Slovenia itinerary tried hard to achieve a good balance, hopefully making parents and kids happy and satisfied.

a family begins a day of hut to hut hiking in the Slovenian Alps.
Hut to hut hiking with kids in Slovenia.

Slovenia Three Week Itinerary Overview

  • Day 1-2: Lake Bled
  • Days 3-6: Hut-to-Hut Hiking Tour in Triglav National Park
  • Days 7-8: Bovec
  • Days 9-13: Slovenia Cycling Tour (based in Bled)
  • Day 14: Lake Bled

14 Day Slovenia Itinerary & Best Things to do in Slovenia with Kids

We loved our summer holiday in Europe and we especially loved our two weeks in Slovenia with kids. We focused our trip on the mountain playgrounds in Slovenia, taking time to explore each area and find some of the best things to do in Slovenia with kids.

Day 1: Lake Bled

After 3 weeks in Austria with kids, our train pulled into the Bled Jezero station to begin our Slovenia family adventure. In response to the expensive high-season hotel prices, we opted for a relatively less expensive vacation rental quite a ways from town centre and the lake.

After settling in, we walked to town and took our first walk along the shores of Lake Bled. It was exciting to see the iconic Assumption of Maria Church across the waters, even though it wasn’t from the famous vantagepoint (we’ll go there later). Seeing some baby ducks was also a highlight as we enjoyed our lakefront walk to the Lake Bled swimming area.

St. Mary's Church sits on Bled Island, as seen from the lakeshore on a self-guided cycling trip around Bled.

Castle Bathing Area (Grajsko Kopališče)

After a week-long family cycling adventure through Austria, we were eager to celebrate our children’s cycling achievements, so we headed to the Lake Bled Castle Bathing Area for an afternoon of swimming.

The Castle Bathing Area, nestled beneath Bled Castle, doesn’t have a natural beach, but offers a variety of pools for a refreshing dip. Our kids loved the deep water area, especially the water slide and the diving board.

a 10-year old girl does a cannonball into Lake Bled while on a family vacation to Bled, Slovenia.

Day 2: Lake Bled

We woke early on our first full day in Lake Bled with kids to transfer our luggage to our hut-to-hut hiking tour hotel. We got up early to ensure we could get on the earliest Bled Bus (a free tourist bus) to go to Vintgar Gorge – one of the most popular attractions in Bled.

Vintgar Gorge

We had a full free day before our meeting with the hut-to-hut tour representative, so we made our way to Vintgar Gorge, just north of Lake Bled in Triglav National Park, for an amazing family adventure.

We arrived at Vintgar Gorge early in the day and the enchanting sight of sunlight filtering through the trees and mist rising from the emerald waters captivated us. What makes this unique hike fun for kids are the elevated wooden boardwalks right above the river, creating a magical experience. Stretching for about 1.5 km / 0.9 miles, these kid-friendly pathways lead through the gorge’s stunning scenery, passing several waterfalls along the way.

the Family Can Travel kids enjoy a family hike at Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia.

It’s easy to take the Bled Bus there, but you can always join an organized tour to Vintgar Gorge.

Walk Around Lake Bled

Hiking Vintgar Gorge ahead of the crowds allowed us to get back to Bled early enough for another fun family activity. We were dying to see the Assumption of Maria Church from the proper viewpoint, so we decided to get there by going for a family walk around Lake Bled.

Our journey began with some delicious ice cream, setting us up for a fun & easy walk around the lake. Along the way, our kids were thrilled to spot fish, baby ducks, and even a frog enjoying the water. The path presented many spots to admire the iconic Assumption of Maria Church from different angles, enriching our walk with stunning views.

The Brewer kids, from the Family Can Travel blog, enjoy a family walk all the way around Lake Bled, Slovenia.

The Bled Church Viewpoint – Ojstrica Viewpoint

Hiking up to Ojstrica Viewpoint is a must-do when visiting Bled. It’s a bit of a hidden gem since many don’t realize that the postcard-perfect view of the Assumption of Maria Church, set on an island, isn’t visible from the town.

The Ojstrica Viewpoint trail starts on the lake’s western side, about halfway around our family walk around the lake. The viewpoint trail is short, but it can be a bit steep and slippery, especially after rain—so sturdy shoes are a good idea.

The effort is totally worth it, though. The classic view of the Assumption of Maria Church is breathtaking, capturing the iconic beauty of Lake Bled in real life.

the Brewer family, from Family Can Travel blog, enjoy a family vacation to Lake Bled, Slovenia.
Dobongsan Trail Map on AllTrails

AllTrails Map

Easily find the trailhead by downloading the Ojstrica Viewpoint trail map using the AllTrails app.

We spent a lot more time in Bled throughout our self-guided cycling tour in Slovenia with kids. Read all about the places we stay and the fun things we did in our full post on how to visit Lake Bled with kids.

Days 3-6: Hut-to-Hut Hiking Tour in Triglav National Park

After our first family hiking tour in Colombia, we’ve been looking for another kid-friendly multi-day trek. This time, we wanted a self-guided hike to explore at our own pace. While planning our European summer vacation, we set our sights on Slovenia, aiming for a hut-to-hut hike.

While Lake Bled is internationally well-known, we were drawn to the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park, famed for its extensive network hut-to-hut trails. Our search led us to the perfect family-friendly hike starting in Bled, through the Julian Alps ending in the mountain adventure town of Bovec.

a mother and daughter share a laugh near Krn Lakes while on a family-friendly hut to hut hiking tour in Slovenia.

Day 1 Hut-to-Hut Hiking in Triglav National Park

Our family’s hut-to-hut hiking journey began with a scenic drive from Bled into the upper mountainous regions of Triglav National Park. With a topographic map in hand, we taught our kids map reading as we navigated lush forests and alpine meadows.

a young hiker consults her trail map while hiking at Blato Pasture, Slovenia.

Our family hike featured stunning views of the Julian Alps, enchanting forests, and picturesque pastures with grazing cattle. The highlight was reaching our cozy alpine hut, nestled among breathtaking mountain vistas. This adventure was a perfect blend of learning, exploration, and the beauty of Slovenia’s great outdoors, all in one day.

Day 2 of the Hut to Hut Hiking Tour

Kicking off with a hearty breakfast at our alpine hut, we hit the hiking trail by 7:50 AM, greeted by the cheerful songs of birds. The path quickly led us uphill, offering a stunning view of Double Lake and our first breathtaking vista of the Julian Alps.

As we trekked along the ridge, the landscape opened up to lush meadows and forests of larch and spruce, sprinkled with white rocks and towering cliffs. An hour in, we enjoyed a walk though a beautiful valley filled with wildflowers and dwarf pines.

a family hikes to a julian alps mountain hut in the rain.

Despite a downpour near the end of our hike, the rain couldn’t dampen our spirits. We arrived soaking wet at our next mountain hut, and the owner immediately helped us start to dry our gear by the fire. We sat in the warm room and reminisced about our day’s adventures, including discovering wild strawberries and iridescent green beetles.

Day 3 Family Hiking in Triglav National Park

Starting our day under a sunny sky at 8:30 AM, with playful swallows overhead, we were in high spirits for our third day of hut-to-hut hiking in the Julian Alps. The uphill trek was scenic enough to distract from the effort, offering stunning views of the Slovenian Alps from a new perspective.

Our path wound along a steep mountainside, flanked by valley views and mountain flora. Reaching the Bogatin Pass, we stumbled upon remnants of WWI, adding some historical interest to our family hike.

ruins of a World War I army barracks on a hut hike to Krn Lake in Triglav National Park.

Discovering edelweiss flowers and exploring WWI barracks were highlights our our journey, as was our sighting of two roe deer. Arriving at our final mountain hut, we enjoyed a well-deserved lunch and a visit to Krn Lake, capping off another memorable day of hut-to-hut hiking.

Day 4 – Hiking Down to Bovec

On our final day, despite waking up to rain, we hit the hiking trail ready for adventure. The hike began with a brief uphill before descending into a stunning valley. Walking side-by-side on the wide path made for easy chatting and a spooky, fun forest experience under a leafy canopy.

The rain eased as we emerging from the forest, and entered the Sunik Water Grove trail. An incredibly beautiful spot, the Sunik Water Grove features moss-covered boulders and mesmerizing waterfalls.

mist rising from the water near the popular Sunik Water Grove Trail.

Opting to walk to Bovec instead of waiting for the bus, we savored the scenic path along the beautiful, emerald Soča River. This final stretch perfectly capped our Julian Alps family adventure.

For more details on this amazing family-friendly hiking tour, including daily trip details and the name of our tour operator, check out our post about hut-to-hut hiking in Slovenia with kids.

Days 7-8: Bovec, Slovenia

Our 2-week itinerary for Slovenia with kids only allowed for 2 days in Bovec. Now that we have been to Bovec and have seen first-hand how magical it is, I wish we had stayed there longer. Bovec blew us away with its gorgeous mountain scenery – it’s up there with the best we’ve seen worldwide. Plus, with a ton of fun activities for kids, I wish we could’ve stayed in Bovec longer!

sunshine breaks through the clouds on a rainy day in Bovec, Slovenia.

Here are some of the fun things to do with kids in Bovec which we enjoyed during our two-day visit:

Soča River White Water Rafting with Kids

Our original plan for our time in Bovec was canyoning with the kids, but a heavy overnight downpour made it unsafe and the tour was cancelled. Not to be defeated, we found ourselves a family adventure that wouldn’t mind the rain.

Going on the Soča River seemed like a gamble with the extremely heavy rain, but we booked a family-friendly white water rafting tour, fingers crossed. Luck was on our side; the tour was on, avoiding the wilder parts due to high water levels. Given this was our first time white water rafting with kids, we didn’t mind them skipping the scary parts!

the entire team from the FamilyCanTravel blog, poses for a picture in their wetsuits and helmets prior to a family-friendly white water rafting tour in Bovec, Slovenia.

Our kids loved white water rafting, especially getting drenched by big waves and marveling at the roaring Boca Waterfall. There’s always something fun to do on a rainy day in Bovec – white water rafting turned out to be an unforgettable rafting adventure!

Hike to the Virje Waterfall (Slap Virje)

On day 2 in Bovec with kids, our second attempt at canyoning was again cancelled due to unsafe high water levels. Trying to make the best of the wet weather, we shifted gears and aimed for a short family hike to the Virje Waterfall, inspired by the raw power of waterfalls we’d seen while rafting.

What’s usually a peaceful stroll turned into an adventure, navigating muddy trails that stretched our 45-minute walk to over an hour. We passed quaint countryside scenes, but the highlight was Virje Waterfall’s transformation. It’s normally a tranquil little waterfall, but when we arrived it was a wild, roaring spectacle that drenched us instantly. Witnessing nature’s force up close, especially after significant rainfall, was unforgettable – a true testament to Bovec’s natural wonders.

The powerful flow of the Virje Waterfall after a heavy rainfall in Bovec, Slovenia.

We have a lot more family-friendly activities for sunny days in our post about visiting Bovec with kids

Days 9-13: Slovenia Cycling Tour (based in Bled)

Bled has always been a dream destination for our adventure-loving family. So, when planning our summer trip to Austria and Slovenia with kids, Bled was a top priority. We were thrilled to find a Slovenia family cycling tour, which sounded perfect for our family.

What set this family-friendly Slovenia cycling tour apart was the luxury of staying in the same Bled location each night, avoiding the daily hassle of packing and moving. This allowed us to start each day refreshed, ready to explore the Julian Alps’ stunning landscapes.

a family poses for a fun picture while on a self-guided cycling tour near Lake Bled.

Given we stayed in the same place every night, we utilized the efficient local train network to see a wide variety of locations around Bled on our bikes. Here are the highlights of our Slovenia cycling tour with kids:

Day 1 of our Family Cycling Tour in Bled

The first day of our self-guided family cycling tour was mostly travel, bus-hopping from Bovec to Lesce, which meant we missed out on the planned bike ride around Lake Bled. Luckily, we’d already enjoyed a family walk around the lake earlier in our visit.

Day 2 – Cycling Bled to Radovljica

Kicking off our first real day of family cycling in Slovenia was a thrill, especially with the sun beaming down on us. Starting from our apartment near Lake Bled, we rode past landmarks and into the serene countryside, marveling at the postcard-perfect scenery just minutes from the bustling tourist town.

Spotting a stork felt like a special nod from nature, reminding us of a previous family cycling tour in Alsace, France. Despite recent heavy rains, which left parts of our path submerged, the detours only added to our adventure, and our kids loved riding straight through the puddles.

a young boy loves cycling through a large puddle while on a cycling tour around Bled, Slovenia.

The charming town of Radovljica stole our hearts as an underrated beauty, where we indulged in kebabs, a new family favorite. This introductory cycling path through Slovenia’s landscapes was an unforgettable blend of nature, culture, and spontaneous wildlife encounters.

Day 3 – Cycling Lake Bohinj with Kids

Taking our bikes on a train was a fun adventure for our family. At first, I was worried about having enough space on the train for our bikes, but the train ended up having a dedicated bike car. It was really nice to see all the cyclists helping each other loading bikes on and off the train – they were especially helpful to our kids.

Our second day of family cycling began in Bohinjska Bistrica to Lake Bohinj. The bike ride was so beautiful, from meadows bursting with wildflowers to the emerald waters of the Savica River. Lake Bohinj was busy, but beautiful, surrounded by towering mountains of the Julian Alps.

an ibex statue on the shores of Lake Bohinj.

Day 4 – Cycling to Kranjska Gora with Kids

Hopping on a train with our bikes for another family adventure, we set off for Jesenice, excited to be the only cyclists on the train this time.

The majority of the bike ride from Jesenice to Kranjska Gora is along a former railway line. What makes these converted rail lines excellent for bike rides with kids is that the slope is almost always very gentle up or down. (Our family cycling trip along the La Dolce Via trail in France was along a converted rail line too).

a family cycles across a bridge on their way to Kranjska Gora, Slovenia.

The ride from Jesenice to Mojstrana offered smooth cycling on wide sidewalks and bike paths, quickly escaping the city for scenic river valley views. The route, dotted with forests, meadows, and charming old buildings, led us to two challenging hills, which our kids were able to conquer with a little determination.

Cycling through Mojstrana to Kranjska Gora was a delightful journey beside Triglav National Park, with the mountains growing more dramatic as we approached. After reaching Kranjska Gora, we celebrated with a well-deserved lunch and a trip to a self-serve ice cream bar.

a girl cycles past a church on a self-guided bike tour in Slovenia.

The return trip to Jesenice was so easy and fun as it was almost all downhill. It was a record-setting day for the kids, covering 50 km / 30 miles. We’re so proud of them!

Day 5 – Cycling to Triglav National Park

On our last day of our family cycling in Slovenia, we headed to Triglav National Park from Lake Bled. The countryside around Lake Bled is so charming with its signature blend of green meadows and the stunning backdrop of the Slovenian Alps.

A challenging hill right out of Bled tested us, but distractions from adorable kittens along the way helped the kids conquer it on their own. Riding through Triglav National Park to Lake Kreda was a highlight, with the emerald Radovna River and wildflower-filled meadows captivating us at every turn.

A family enjoys cycling in the countryside near Lake Bled.

For more details on this amazing family-friendly cycling tour, including daily trip details and the name of our tour operator, check out our post about our cycling tour in Slovenia with kids.

Day 14: Lake Bled

Sadly our trip to Slovenia had come to an end. We woke up early and caught a series of trains from Lake Bled to Austria where we spent 3 days in Vienna with kids at the tail end of our family trip to Europe.

What to Pack for Slovenia with Kids

Believe it or not, Celine and I were able to pack for our entire 45-day summer vacation to Austria and Slovenia with our Cotopaxi carry-on backpacks. We believe that travel is much more enjoyable when you can pack lightly and bring only the bare essentials. (To save a ton of space, we did leave our bike helmets at home and had some delivered to an Amazon locker in Salzburg. The cost of buying helmets there roughly equalled what it would have cost to pay for checked baggage on our flights).

a hiker soaks in amazing vistas of the Slovenian Alps while on a hut hiking tour with her family.

If you’re familiar with our family travel adventures, you know we’re all about staying active and embracing the outdoors, no matter the weather. When packing for our summer trip to Slovenia with the kids, we made sure to include plenty of active wear for the whole family.

We came prepared with rain gear, which proved essential during our family hut-to-hut hiking tour and our rainy time in Bovec. Thankfully, Slovenia graced us with lots of beautiful summer days too, so shorts, t-shirts, and plenty of sunscreen were our go-tos. Don’t forget to pack sunglasses, hydration packs, and sun hats for everyone to stay protected and hydrated.

a family hikes past an abandoned building on a hut to hut hiking tour in the julian alps.

And if you’re eyeing some adventures in the Slovenian mountains, bringing along a fleece jacket is wise, as the higher altitudes tend to be cooler.

We hope you enjoyed reading about of summer vacation to Slovenia with kids. We hope you have an incredible family trip to Slovenia too!

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