Chimney Rock Trail – Capitol Reef National Park

Chimney Rock in Capitol Reef National Park Utah

Chimney Rock is an impressive, towering natural spire which rises over 300 feet above the road. The Chimney Rock Trail takes you to the top of a mesa and allows hikers a view looking down on Chimney Rock as well as the amazing scenery up and down the valley.

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Costa Rica with Kids

Visiting Costa Rica with Kids

If your family loves nature, there are few destinations on Earth more magical for a family vacation than Costa Rica. Blessed with an almost unfair amount of natural riches including two coasts, mountains, dense jungles and cloud forests, there is no end to the family adventures you can have in Costa Rica with kids.

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Italy Itinerary with Kids

Get to the Trevi Fountain with kids early for a chance at a good family photo

Offering cultural heavyweights like Rome, Florence and Pisa, and the incredible natural beauty of Cinque Terre and the Island of Elba, deciding on a family trip to Italy was an easy choice!

Below, we share our Italy itinerary with kids. We were fortunate enough to spend one month in Italy with our kids, but we also share our insights on a 14-day Italy itinerary with kids as well as a 10-day Italy itinerary with kids.

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6 Kid Friendly Hikes in Joshua Tree National Park

Many of the best hikes in Joshua Tree are easy and kid-friendly

Joshua Tree National Park is one of America’s great places in Southern California. Just because Joshua Tree is raw wilderness it doesn’t mean it is only for hardcore outdoorsy types; there are many excellent kid-friendly hikes in Joshua Tree National Park.

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Jeju Island With Kids

two kids make heart shapes with their hands while sitting in front of a wall of stuffed animals while on a family vacation to Jeju Island, Korea.

Our family loves outdoor adventures, and volcanic islands are the perfect destination for us. After amazing trips to the volcanic islands of Tenerife with kids and La Palma with kids, we were eager to find another volcanic playground to explore. When we were planning our family trip to South Korea, we were super excited to discover they had a magical volcanic island too. It didn’t take long for us to add a 4-day visit to Jeju Island with kids to our South Korea itinerary.

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Family Travel on a Budget – Our 23 Best Tips

Kids hiking on a family vacation in Shenandoah National Park Virginia.

Traveling with kids can be expensive. Planning a family vacation means buying additional flight tickets, attraction passes, meals and find larger hotel rooms. The cost of traveling with kids adds up quickly! As a frugal person, I take this cost personally and make it my personal challenge to plan family travel on a budget.

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Best National Parks for Families

Kids hiking on a family vacation in Shenandoah National Park Virginia.

The United States of America is a beautiful country, home to some of the most beautiful natural areas I have seen anywhere in the world. Lucky for us, many of these areas of beauty have been protected to allow families to enjoy these wonders for generations to come. We have visited many of these beautiful places with our kids and are eager to share with you our list of the best national parks for families in the US.

Kids hiking on vacation in Shenandoah National Park Virginia.
Shenandoah National Park.

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Thailand with Kids

Wat Yai Chaya Mongkol in Ayutthaya Thailand with Kids

If you are looking for one of the best places for a family trip in Southeast Asia, you should consider traveling to Thailand with kids. We have travelled to many countries around the world with our kids, and we normally have a no-repeat policy, but the lure of Thailand always draws us back for more. And I’m sure we will just keep on coming…

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