9 Things to Bring to Disney World

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A family visit to a Disney theme park is a magical experience which will create such happy lifelong memories. We want to help make your family trip to Disney as special as possible, so during our recent visits to Disney World we kept a close eye on other families to determine the best things to bring to Disney.

When you choose the things to pack for Disney World, the key is to pack lightly with only items essential for your visit. It’s tiring enough spending a day at a Disney World without lugging around stuff you don’t need.

The sun is powerful at the Disney theme parks. add sun hats to your list of things to pack for disney world

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So, what should you bring into Disney World? You’ll be glad to know that you don’t need to bring a lot of things to Disney World to have an amazing day.

9 Best Things to Bring to Disney World

Sun and Heat Management

A big part of making your visit a success is being prepared for the heat while visiting Disney. During our days at Disney World, it was hot and the sun was very powerful. The temperature was in the mid-90’s with no clouds and lots of humidity.

1. Sunscreen

This one is pretty obvious; be sure you bring lots of sunscreen to Disney World. Reapply your sunscreen often, especially if it’s humid or if you get wet from riding Splash Mountain (which is about to become the Princess and the Frog log ride).

sunscreen needs to be on your list of things to take to disney world

2. Personal Misting Fan

A personal misting fan is an excellent way to stay cool on a hot day at a Disney Park. Disney pushes their misting fans pretty hard while you are in the park for around $20.

If you can live without a picture of Mickey on your personal misting fan, you can get one for half the price on Amazon. Plus, with no picture of Mickey, you’ll be able to use your misting fan anywhere and not just for your visit to Disney World.

things to pack for disney world - personal misting fan to stay cool

3. Hydration Bladder

There are water fountains all over the Disney parks, but chances are that you’ll be too busy running from ride to ride to stop and think about staying hydrated.

A hydration bladder is a perfect eco-friendly solution for staying hydrated at Disney. These water bladders fit in most day bags – just look for a compartment along the inside-back of the bag with a little hole labelled HO at the top.

what to bring to Disney World to hydrate your family - Hydration bladders are a great idea to ensure your family has enough water for your day at Disney World, Orlando

You spend so much time waiting in line for rides at the Disney parks. It’s comforting to have enough water for your family and having it with you allows you to re-hydrate while waiting for Disney rides.

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4. Umbrella

It may not rain much at the Orlando Disney parks, but you’ll love having this compact travel umbrella to provide some relief for your kids from the hot sun, especially when waiting in lines.

5. Sun Hats

It’s super important to keep the sun off your kids’ faces, so add a good sun hat to your list of things to bring to Disney World.

what to bring to disney - baseball hats for sun protection

We used traditional baseball hats for our family trip to Disney World, but if you have smaller kids we recommend Sunday Afternoon sun hats. We’ve owned them for years and trust them on our kids whenever we go somewhere hot. They are comfortable sun hats, stay on well and have wide brims and UPF 50+ for superior sun protection.

things to bring to Disney World - Sunday Afternoon sun hat to protect kids from the hot Orlando sun

6. Clip-on Stroller Fan

It’s hard to keep your baby or toddler cool while pushing them around Disney World in a stroller. The best way to keep your baby or toddler cool while in a stroller at Disney World is to use a battery powered clip-on fan. These are very popular with parents visiting Disney World with a baby or toddler in a stroller. What a great idea to keep your toddler cool all day long!

things to pack for disney world - stroller fan for baby or toddler

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7. Personalized Disney T-Shirts for Your Family Trip

We were amazed at how many families wearing personalized T-shirts for their Disney World family vacation. Stuff like, “The Johnson’s Disney Vacation” or similar garb. ShopDisney has hundreds of Disney T-shirt designs to choose from and personalize for your family vacation to Disney World.

what to bring to disney world - Ad for personalized Disney T-shirts

8. Disney Autograph Books

Your visit to Disney World Orlando will likely include a ton of character visits. An autograph book is a fun way for your kids to remember all the cool Disney characters they met while during your family trip to Disney World.

what to bring to disney world - autograph books for when your kids meet Disney characters

Browse a selection of Disney autograph books on shopDisney or Amazon.

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9. Disney Princess Dresses

It seemed like every little girl visiting Disney World was wearing a Disney princess dress, and who could blame them? Our daughter was so excited to dress up in her favorite princess dress to her breakfast with Cinderella.

It was a thrill for her to meet many Disney princesses while being dressed like a princess. We did find her Disney princess dress was too hot in the midday sun, so bring a change of clothing for your daughter just in case.

what to bring to Disney - a princess dress makes every little girl feel special at Disney World

Browse the beautiful Disney princess dresses on shopDisney and Amazon.

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