How to Pack for Norway with Kids

Bergen Norway with children

Norway is one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, but it is a tough place to pack for. Even in the peak summer tourist season, Norway will throw the entire range of weather possibilities at you; from sunny & hot to rainy & cold and everywhere in-between. This wide range of possibilities makes it very hard to know what to pack for Norway. Throw a few kids into the mix and the packing gets even more complicated!

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6 Playgrounds for Visitors to Kyoto


One important thing we have learned through our family travels is that kids don’t stop being kids just because they are on vacation. Despite all the new and fun things they get to do every day, younger kids still need time to play. Being somewhere new can be a bit stressful for little kids and depending on where you are from, Japan may seem very strange & different to your child. Taking them to play at a playground gives them a much needed sense of normalcy and helps them blow off steam. And who knows, there’s a very good chance they will make a new Japanese friend along the way, even if they don’t speak the same language.

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