Oslo to Bergen on the Most Scenic Train Ride

Bergen Railway Oslo to Bergen with Kids

As you would imagine, the mountain and coastal scenery around Norway is spectacular and I couldn’t imagine a better way to get around Norway with kids than by train. The more we researched getting from Oslo to Bergen, the more we knew the 7 hour journey by train was the best option for us. Seven hours may seem like a long time on a train with two small kids, but the Norwegians do it right.

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12 Reasons Why Europe is the Best Place to Travel with Your Kids

Europe with Kids

In the years before we had kids, we travelled extensively through North and South America, Africa and Asia. Are you wondering why we didn’t go to Europe? We intentionally stayed away from Europe as we were saving it for when we had kids. We knew it would be an awesome place to travel with kids, and it turns out we were right! Why is Europe so great for family vacations?

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5 Day Itinerary for Oslo with Kids


We get pretty excited when we find a city that has plenty of attractions AND has easy access to nature. Not knowing too much about Oslo before planning our trip to Norway, we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was exactly the type of city we love.

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How to Pack for Norway with Kids

Bergen Norway with children

Norway is one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, but it is a tough place to pack for. Even in the peak summer tourist season, Norway will throw the entire range of weather possibilities at you – from sunny & hot to rainy & cold and everywhere in-between.

This wide range of possibilities makes it very hard to know what to pack for Norway. And, chances are you are reading this post as you know packing for Norway with kids gets even more complicated!

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