Blue Lagoon Iceland with Kids

After an incredible week in Iceland with our children (who were 4 & 2 years old), our visit to Iceland was sadly coming to an end. Given our flight wasn’t until the afternoon, we had made reservations at the world-famous Blue Lagoon for our final morning. We had hoped the Blue Lagoon would be a special way to cap off our long awaited trip to Iceland, and we were right – it did not disappoint.

Tip: Book for your desired time well in advance online. Popular arrival times get fully booked a few days in advance. This is especially important if you hope to visit on your way to the airport.

How to Get to the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a 45 minute drive from Reykjavik and is quite close to the main international airport. It’s a great way to spend your few hours in Reykjavik with kids. Don’t worry if you don’t have a car, there are plenty of easy options to get there:

Blue Lagoon Ticket with Return Transfers from Reykjavik

Blue Lagoon Ticket with Return Transfers from the Keflavik Airport

We checked out of our Airbnb and drove our rental car to the Blue Lagoon. We arrived early for our 9am reservation and were glad to see the massive parking lot was still mostly empty. The size of the parking lot shows just how busy this place can get! From the moment you enter the front door, the excellent customer service is evident. The helpful staff and information screens filled us in on everything we needed to know as we waited in line to enter.

Blue Lagoon Iceland with Small Kids

Upon checking in, we were each given a wristband and a towel. The wristband functions as an in-water credit card, as well as giving you access to your complimentary locker. The lockers are a decent size and each of was able to use a single locker for ourselves and one child. Be aware that before you enter the lagoon, it is mandatory that everyone take a fully naked shower. There are many privacy stalls available, but if you have a small child, make sure they are used to the shower experience before your visit. Our little guy hated it and screamed in protest, but hey – you gotta do what you gotta do!

Anyone with long hair is encouraged to use ample amounts of complimentary leave-in conditioner in their hair to protect it against the silica in the water, which on its own will make hair stiff and difficult to manage. Also note, that wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses in not recommended as the minerals in the water may damage them.

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Blue Lagoon Iceland with Toddler

Any child between the ages of 2-8 must wear complimentary water-wings during their time in the water. They are already inflated and are found in large bins near the entrance to the pool. Although each of us was glued to one of our kids during our stay, we appreciated having this extra layer of safety and the kids didn’t mind either.

We visited the Blue Lagoon on a chilly day in mid-May. It was around 40F (4C) and windy. Running the 10 feet from the doors to the stairs entering the lagoon was exhilarating! This short (yet long!) run through the cold air made entering the warm, geothermal waters of the lagoon feel so wonderful. All your tensions and cares melt away as you glide through the ethereal water.

Despite being surrounded by jagged volcanic rock, the lagoon’s floor is smooth. Its average depth is around chest height for most adults, meaning any small kids will need to be held while in the lagoon. The water of the lagoon is not a consistent temperature – you’ll be amazed at the natural temperature variations as you move through the water. It’s mostly nice and toasty warm, but there are some really nice hot spots, while there are other, rather shocking cool spots.

We found a nice spot to settle with our two toddlers between the in-water bar and the restaurant in the main building. Each adult entry ticket comes with a complimentary drink, so we grabbed a few delicious smoothies and found a spot in this area where there were in-water seats. The seats allowed the kids to stand on their own, while we got to take a well-deserved rest from carrying them. Also in this area is an in-water ramp leading up to an on-land viewing area. This area had some rocks the kids could climb on and the water was shallow enough that they could play on their own. 

Blue Lagoon Iceland with Kids

In all, we spent 50 days in Europe on this trip and our 4 year old daughter claims the Blue Lagoon was her favorite experience on the whole trip. Our 2 year old isn’t shy about expressing his dislike of anything he doesn’t like. He really didn’t like the shower, but he was full of big smiles for the whole time in the Blue Lagoon. The kids loved it and we did too. What a great way to end our amazing week in Iceland!

Blue Lagoon Tickets with Transportation

From Reykjavik

From the Keflavik Airport

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