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Visiting the Blue Lagoon with Kids

After an incredible 7-day family trip to Iceland, our time in Iceland with kids was sadly coming to an end. We saved one of the best things to do around Reykjavik with kids until our last morning in Iceland, and that was visit the world-famous Blue Lagoon with kids.

We had reserved tickets for the Blue Lagoon with our kids for our final morning in Reykjavik. We had hoped visiting the Blue Lagoon with our children (aged 2 & 4) would be a special way to cap off our amazing Iceland family vacation. And we were right, visiting the Blue Lagoon with kids was an incredible experience – it did not disappoint! In fact, the Blue Lagoon topped our list of the best things to do in Iceland with kids.

best things to do on a family trip to Iceland - blue lagoon iceland with children

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Blue Lagoon Age Limit

If you had planned to visit the Blue Lagoon with a baby, you are out of luck. The Blue Lagoon minimum age for entry is 2 years old. This Blue Lagoon age limit is due to the fact babies are highly sensitive to the elevated mineral content of the water.

If you are on a family trip to Iceland with a baby, you don’t have to miss out on a visit to the Blue Lagoon – your visit might look a little different though. To visit the Blue Lagoon with a baby, parents can simply take turns enjoying the otherworldly waters of the Blue Lagoon. The parent watching the baby can wait in the Blue Lagoon restaurant or in the outdoor viewing area.

Parents wishing to visit the Blue Lagoon with a baby can take turns in the lagoon and the restaurant

The good news is that you can visit with the Blue Lagoon with a toddler!

Blue Lagoon Tickets for Kids

Parents will be very happy to discover that a family visit to the Blue Lagoon with kids will be less expensive than you think. Children aged 13 and younger are admitted into the Blue Lagoon for free when accompanied by a parent or guardian!

Due to the immense popularity of the Blue Lagoon, it is imperative that you book your Blue Lagoon tickets as far ahead as possible. The most popular times to visit the Blue Lagoon are typically fully booked weeks in advance.

Visiting the Blue Lagoon with kids is a must-do on your family trip to Iceland

The best place to make reservations for your family is on the official Blue Lagoon website. You’ll have access to the complete offerings at the Blue Lagoon including the Comfort, Premium and Luxury ticket packages.

If you can’t find your preferred entry time on the Blue Lagoon website, Get Your Guide may still have the entry time your family is looking for.

Rules at the Blue Lagoon for Children

Any child between the ages of 2-8 must wear complimentary water-wings during their time in the Blue Lagoon water. The Blue Lagoon water-wings for kids are pre-inflated and are found in large bins near the entrance to the pool. Although each of us was glued to one of our kids during our time in the Blue Lagoon with kids, we appreciated having this extra layer of safety. The kids loved wearing their floaties too!

blue lagoon iceland kids

It is mandatory that everyone take a fully naked shower prior to entering the Blue Lagoon water. There are many privacy stalls available, but if you are visiting the Blue Lagoon with a toddler, make sure they are used to the shower experience before your visit.

We hadn’t thought of introducing our toddler to the shower experience prior to our visit to Blue Lagoon, and we paid for it. Our toddler hated his shower and screamed in protest, but in the end it was worth it. Our toddler loved his visit to the Blue Lagoon!

The Blue Lagoon water reaches a depth of 1.4m/4.7 feet, making it imperative that all children visiting the Blue Lagoon are supervised by a parent or guardian. One adult can accompany a maximum of two children in the Blue Lagoon.

How to Get to the Blue Lagoon

If you have a rental car, it’s an easy 45 minute drive from Reykjavik to the Blue Lagoon. If you are heading straight from the airport to the Blue Lagoon, it’s only a 20 minute drive.

If you don’t have a rental car, the best way to get to the Blue Lagoon with kids is to book a Blue Lagoon admission with transfers package. This popular Blue Lagoon transfer service includes door-to-door pickup and drop-off from your hotel, airport, or cruise port. Choose between the standard Comfort Entrance Package or upgrade to the Premium Entrance Package (which includes a second mask of your choice, use of slippers and a bathrobe, a table reservation at Lava Restaurant and a glass of sparkling wine if dining at Lava restaurant).

Things to do on a family vacation to iceland - blue lagoon with kids

Visit the Blue Lagoon with Kids

We checked out of our Reykjavik vacation home rental and drove our rental car to the Blue Lagoon. We arrived early for our 9am reservation and were glad to see the massive parking lot was still mostly empty. The size of the Blue Lagoon parking lot shows just how busy this popular Reykjavik attraction can get!

From the moment you enter the front door of the Blue Lagoon, the excellent customer service is evident. The helpful staff and information screens filled us in on everything we needed to know as we waited in line to enter the Blue Lagoon with our kids.

Visit the Blue Lagoon with kids in Iceland

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Upon checking in at the Blue Lagoon, we were each given a wristband and a towel. The wristband functions as an in-water credit card, as well as giving you access to your complimentary locker. The Blue Lagoon lockers are a big enough for each parent to share with a child.

Anyone with long hair is encouraged to use ample amounts of complimentary leave-in conditioner in their hair to protect it against the silica in the Blue Lagoon water. Without conditioner, the Blue Lagoon water will make your hair stiff and difficult to manage.

Also note, it is not recommended to wear prescription glasses or contact lenses in the Blue Lagoon as the minerals in the water may damage them.

We visited the Blue Lagoon with kids on a chilly day in mid-May. The outside temperature was around 4C (40F) and windy. Running the 10 feet from the change room doors to the stairs entering the Blue Lagoon with our kids was exhilarating!

what to do in iceland with family - Blue Lagoon with kids

The short run through the cold Iceland air made entering the warm, geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon feel so wonderful. All your tensions and cares melt away as you glide through the ethereal waters of this magical place.

Despite being surrounded by jagged volcanic rock, the floor of the Blue Lagoon is smooth. The average depth of the Blue Lagoon around chest height for most adults, meaning any small kids will need to be held while in the lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon water temperature is not consistent. You’ll be amazed at the natural temperature variations as you move around the Blue Lagoon with your kids. It’s mostly nice and toasty warm, but there are some really nice hot spots, while there are other, rather shocking cool spots.

how to visit the blue lagoon with a baby or toddler

We found a nice spot to settle in the Blue Lagoon with our kids between the in-water bar and the restaurant in the main building. Each adult Blue Lagoon entry ticket comes with a complimentary drink, so we grabbed a few delicious smoothies from the in-water bar and sat on some nearby in-water seats. The in-water seats allowed the kids to stand on their own, while we got to take a well-deserved rest from carrying them.

Near the in-water bar is a good spot for kids in the Blue Lagoon. Look for an in-water ramp leading up to an on-land viewing area. The area near this ramp is one of the few spots in the Blue Lagoon that was shallow enough that our kids could stand & play in the water on their own. Plus, there are some rocks nearby that kids will enjoy climbing on.

The blue lagoon in iceland is kid friendly

Is the Blue Lagoon with Kids Worth It?

The Blue Lagoon was the most expensive thing we did on our family vacation to Iceland, so be prepared if you are traveling to Iceland on a budget. That being said, we spent 50 days in Europe on this family vacation (including a week in Iceland with kids) and our 4-year old daughter claims the Blue Lagoon was her favorite experience on the whole trip.

Our 2 year old isn’t shy about expressing his dislike of anything he doesn’t like. He really didn’t like the shower, but he was full of big smiles his entire time in the water at the Blue Lagoon.

If you visit Iceland with kids, don't miss the kid-friendly Blue Lagoon

We had a great time visiting the Blue Lagoon with kids, in fact, we say that the Blue Lagoon was one of the best things to do in Iceland with kids. What a great way to end our amazing family vacation in Iceland!

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