Ao Nang with Kids

two small kids on a family trip to Thailand in December, play in the sand on Railay Beach.

We visited Ao Nang with kids on our first family trip to Thailand five years ago. We loved so many things about the area, especially the food and the many family-friendly beaches. Our latest Thailand family vacation took us to Koh Lanta with kids, and it was so close by, that we couldn’t resist visiting Ao Nang with kids again!

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6 Things to do in Chiang Mai with Kids

two small kids have fun looking at temples in Chiang Mai Temples on a family trip to Thailand.

We had been to Chiang Mai without kids, at a time in our lives when it was easy to be backpacking in Thailand. It was such a quick trip to Chiang Mai, we felt we hadn’t really “seen it”.

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