500 Rai Floating Resort Review

Dan and Celine Brewer, owners of the Family Can Travel blog, enjoy a 4-night stay at the 500 Rai Floating Resort in Thailand.

The last time we visited Thailand for Christmas, we spent a week in Phuket with kids. Now, 5 years later on our second family trip to Thailand we were looking for an experience to top that. When we discovered the 500 Rai Floating Resort in Khao Sok National Park, we knew we had a Christmas trip to Thailand we wouldn’t soon forget. This 500 Rai Floating Resort review is based on our 4 night stay over Christmas with our two kids (aged 8 & 10).

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3 Days in Siem Reap with Kids

Dan and Celine Brewer, stand in front of Angkor Wat during their trip to Siem Reap with kids.

There’s just something magical about exploring ruins with kids. If your family loves adventure and exotic locations, then a visit to Siem Reap with kids is the ideal family vacation for you. Home to Angkor Wat, a finalist for the 7 Modern Wonders of the World, there are endless ancient temples for your family to explore.

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Best Beaches in Thailand for Families

Hong Island Thailand

We have traveled to many amazing beach destinations with our kids, yet we always want to come back to Thailand. We love our family trips to Thailand for so many reasons. The people are warm & friendly, the food is amazing, and the countryside is beautiful. But, without question the main reason we love coming back is the amazing beaches in Thailand for families.

Thailand is blessed with an incredible amount of tropical coastline, and one day we hope to see all the best beaches in Thailand. We have been to most of the family-friendly destinations in Thailand, including Phuket, Ao Nang/Railay and Koh Lanta. Based on our real-life trips to Thailand with kids, we are happy to share our list of the best beaches in Thailand for families.

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A Family Friendly Chiang Mai Bike Tour

Family cycling tour in Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai is blessed with a beautiful, mountainous Northern Thailand setting. This means that in addition to the cultural activities, there are plenty of excellent outdoor activities as well. During our family trip to Chiang Mai, we achieved this with a Chiang Mai bike tour in the countryside. Our kid-friendly bike tour through the countryside was a real highlight of our time in Chiang Mai with kids.

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Koh Lanta with Kids

Celine Brewer and her daughter enjoy a boat tour during a family trip to Koh Lanta, Thailand.

On our last Thailand family vacation, we spent a week in Phuket with our kids. Phuket was amazing, but the one downside was how crazy busy it was. This time around we wanted a more relaxed vibe for our family beach time in Thailand. After a little research, visiting Koh Lanta with kids seemed to be the perfect beach destination for our family trip to Thailand.

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Ao Nang with Kids

two small kids on a family trip to Thailand in December, play in the sand on Railay Beach.

We visited Ao Nang with kids on our first family trip to Thailand five years ago. We loved so many things about the area, especially the food and the many family-friendly beaches. Our latest Thailand family vacation took us to Koh Lanta with kids, and it was so close by, that we couldn’t resist visiting Ao Nang with kids again!

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South Korea with Kids

a family stands in a colorful building along the walls at the UNESCO fortress in Suwon, South Korea.

If you are looking for a safe, clean and fun place for a family trip in Asia, you should consider traveling to South Korea with kids. There are so many things about South Korea which make it a great destination for a family holiday. When we had to cancel our first family trip to Korea due to the Coronavirus, we were bitterly disappointed, so once the world opened back up, we rebooked our trip as soon as possible, and we’re so glad we did!

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Jeju Island With Kids

two kids make heart shapes with their hands while sitting in front of a wall of stuffed animals while on a family vacation to Jeju Island, Korea.

Our family loves outdoor adventures, and volcanic islands are the perfect destination for us. After amazing trips to the volcanic islands of Tenerife with kids and La Palma with kids, we were eager to find another volcanic playground to explore. When we were planning our family trip to South Korea, we were super excited to discover they had a magical volcanic island too. It didn’t take long for us to add a 4-day visit to Jeju Island with kids to our South Korea itinerary.

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Busan with Kids

A girl on a family trip to Busan, South Korea stands in front of street art which has large angel wings and says, "I'm in Busan".

Busan, South Korea has it all for a family vacation. With stunning beaches, a striking mountain landscape, and an abundance of fun things to do with kids in Busan, you have everything your need for an excellent family vacation.

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Seoul with Kids

two kids on a family trip to Seoul are greeted by a friendly robot at the Incheon Airport.

When it comes to family travel in Asia, South Korea often gets overlooked in favor of the tourism powerhouses like Thailand, Indonesia or Japan. But that’s a bit of a shame, as visiting Seoul with kids can be an excellent family vacation destination.

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