As parents, we choose footwear for outdoor activities that will be comfortable for our children, keep their little feet warm and that is fit for use.  It’s a huge benefit if your kids actually like your choice and choose to wear it over other options.

I was thrilled when our daughter chose to wear her Keen Little Kid’s Encanto Waterproof Boots.  It’s only a slight exaggeration to say that she practically lived in these boots throughout last summer and fall.  We had very little rain in the spring and I started to wonder if we really needed rain boots, then came a rainy summer and the boots were a necessity.


I was determined to get my daughter riding her Strider bike before a bike camp I had her enrolled in, so we were going out to practice daily right after breakfast.  As every parent with little kids knows, the hardest part is just getting out of the house.  It was such a life saver to have these pull-on boots that she could easily get on herself while I got her baby brother ready.


Once she got the hang of riding her bike, there was no stopping her.  She wanted to ride it every time we went outside.  Throughout the summer and fall we started letting her ride her Strider when we walked the dogs.

For months she rode her bike, either wearing the Keen Encanto boots or a pair of sandals (depending on the weather). By the end of the summer, the sandals were worn down with holes in them, but the boots still looked brand new.  This is remarkable as she was riding down some pretty major hills and these boots were her brakes.


It wasn’t just riding her balance bike either; these boots were great for hiking too, especially when hiking near a stream or a lake.  As all kids do, she wanted to throw rocks in or wade in the shallow water.  For the actual hike and climbing over rocks, these boots are sturdy enough to give support and are not at all clunky (unlike other rain boots).  


The only real downside I can think of is the price of these boots.  Though the price is not exorbitant and is on par with other high quality waterproof boots, not everyone will want to spend $60 USD on a pair of boots that may only last a year.

Here is what I love about these boots:

  • They are insulated so they are great for spring/fall in the mountains
  •  The boots are sturdy and don’t slip off little feet
  •  These boots can be pulled on easily with two pull tabs to help little hands grip on
  •  Great for a multitude of activities
  •  Extremely durable
  • Aside from being waterproof, they have a drawstring to close up the top to help prevent water from getting in (not water tight though)
  •  Available in a range of fun colors.

We were given a pair of Keen Little Kid’s Encanto Waterproof Boots to review by Keen Canada. All opinions are our own. This post contains compensated links.

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